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Comment Re:Canada has already rejected it (Score 1) 208

Wrong. CPC acts for their Communist masters in China, not for Canada.

I see you have never grown up in Canada, and believe the non-translateable labels of "socialist" "communist" etc. Parties, other than the Greens, don't really translate to US versions. For example, in BC the Liberals are the most conservative party, and are run by the right of center Social Credit Party remnants.

I went to school (Capilano University, SFU, etc) with these people.

Comment I had this happen with Blizzard and EA (Score 1) 318

Used my credit card to buy WOD, renew my annual subscription, and a gift sub for my son on the same day and they denied the charge, even though I had plenty of credit.

Same happened with EA when on the same day I bought 2 expansions for the The Sims.

Yes, I tend to do those ON THE SAME DAY WHEN A BIG DISCOUNT IS ANNOUNCED. Wonder why?

Comment Canada has already rejected it (Score 1) 208

The outgoing Communist Party of Canada (CPC) made the deal AFTER the election writ was dropped.

The incoming NDP and Liberals have already announced they will walk away from the TPP.

Dead trade deal.

By the way, this will cost the US 500,000 jobs. Are you sure it's "such a good deal"?

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 178

Actually, it's the permits, the electric line hookups (inverters), the batteries and the labor that makes them expensive.

As an example, I could buy solar panels for my house for $5000. Or I could buy the same quantity as part of the local Zoo, Aquarium, or Low Income Housing Project, where they're installed from the beginning with a few hundred panels, and that costs me $1200 plus I don't need to maintain them.

Guess which one I chose in Seattle?

Comment Re:Ob (Score 1) 41

Actually, there are slight stressors in speech patterns when one is "working" a message, even if they are unconscious. A good listener can detect these, provided they have a baseline comparison.

From this you can pinpoint words and phrases that aren't typical. Doesn't work so well when they're talking long distance with their Jewish girlfriend, though.

Comment In other words: tradecraft (Score 1) 41

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

When you are used to using electronic methods for intel, you ignore the non-electronic methods (aka tradecraft) and then all your high-tech expertise is useless.

It's a shame they don't teach spooks what they used to in my day.

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