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User Journal

Journal: Je Suis Charlie 15

Journal by WillAffleckUW

One of the funny (tragic?) things is that my son and I traveled to Paris and bought tons of bandes desinnees including ones by some of the cartoonists that were murdered by terrorists today.

I stand with them.

Your right to claim blasphemy ends when you set foot outside the mosque.

User Journal

Journal: Apple iPhone and Watch today 9

Journal by WillAffleckUW

Look, I have an iPhone 5. I've owned iMacs, Mac SE, and my first software I paid for was for the Apple II+.

But I'm not that impressed today.

A watch? Why? Who wears those things? Just look at your phone.

Pay by phone? That was around in the 1980s in Japan and South Korea.

Seriously, what's next, Apple VCRs and Shoulderpads?

User Journal

Journal: I declare an Internet Fatwa on DC 2

Journal by WillAffleckUW

Enough talk. The FCC has decided to end Net Neutrality.

I declare an Internet Fatwa on DC.

As a survivor of the First Use*Net Wars and part of the ARPA*NET 110 baud club, I declare an Internet Fatwa against all of DC.

Let them eat 14.4k!

User Journal

Journal: submitted encryption story 2

Journal by WillAffleckUW

FYI, if you want to mod it up or add keywords, I posted a story to slashdot.

Just thought it was interesting.

User Journal

Journal: Bought a replacement GPU for my home machine

Journal by WillAffleckUW

The old one was overheating way too much, running 70 C or higher and even shutting down, while my 8 core CPU and everything else ran 20 C to 30 C.

Oh well. Spent half as much as when I bought the current one, got 4 times the memory and double fans.

User Journal

Journal: Done with ENVS final

Journal by WillAffleckUW

760 out of 1000 with a few extra bonus points before the exam - the exam is 240 total points so even if I did very badly I pulled a 4.0 and the three practice final exams were 88, 96, and 100 percent so highly unlikely I did badly.

Now for Calculus - again. God I hate that. Never use it. Never have used it. But, resistance is futile.

User Journal

Journal: LG Phone Home

Journal by WillAffleckUW

So, don't buy the LG sets - they phone home, with your personal browsing data, in DIRECT violation of my Constitutional Rights as both a US and a Canadian Citizen.

And you can't "click thru" or "sign away" Constitutional Rights in Canada.


User Journal

Journal: Still 100 percent grade in ENVS 150 1

Journal by WillAffleckUW

So far having fun in my Environmental Science course, pulling an A+ down (yes, I know they don't do such things any more, but my high school transcript is filled with A+ grades).

Skipped four questions (meant to go back, forgot) on the last quizzam, so got a low mark of only 88 out of 100, 3rd highest in class (would have been highest if I hadn't spaced), but since I had accumulated 20 bonus points by having my teams win the last two jeopardy events, still have 8 points left over and a perfect score.

Looking forward to taking two courses after Thanksgiving finals, new calendar up in a few weeks so I can get permission from the instructors. Then I'll be halfway to the Graduate Non-Matriculated PhD entry.

The goal of Computer Science is to build something that will last at least until we've finished building it.