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Comment More like $650k (Score 2) 298

You can't really get a decent place for $500k in Seattle.

Now if only we would permit Tiny Houses in the driveways of retired SFH zoned properties, so they could keep their house, and rent/lease the land, people could easily buy a Tiny House for $30k and have equity in the actual house. This would double population but allow people to keep their older giant houses with unused garages that they no longer use.

Most of use use transit, bike, or walk to work here. Car driving is something the suburbanites do.

Comment Best way to lose soul is to drive out source (Score 1) 298

Where does Seattle think the "soul" of a city comes from?

It comes somewhat from architecture, though that is just shape.

The main area where the soul of a place is from, lies in the businesses that are located there - and I'm specifically talking about the smaller local shops that provide maximum "flavor" to an area.

Those are EXACTLY the places driven to close by a minimum wage hike. They can no longer afford to pay workers, many of whom might have been teens - why should TEENS get $20/hour? They don't need to live on what they earn, they just need to earn a bit of money.

Seattle by passing the minimum wage hike has ensured they will become a soulless husk much faster than SF ever did (though one could argue the soul of SF is now embodied in urine, which will persist).

Many small quaint businesses in Seattle will close, replaced by Starbucks (the one place where I guess that is fine).

Comment Remarkable people (Score 5, Insightful) 340

A remarkable number of people believe homeopathy works. A remarkable number of people believe in gods, devils, prophets and an afterlife. A remarkable number of people believe scrying, remote sensing, dousing or fortune telling is real. A remarkable number of people firmly believe various economic, political or social "truths" in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

A remarkable number of people are intelligent, well-adjusted and successful in their lives, and still manage to hold one or several of the beliefs above without ever experiencing any sense of disconnect. Those remarkable people almost certainly includes myself, and most likely you as well.

Comment Re:History says otherwise (Score 1) 406

The explanation for those "massive fields of dead turbines" is that they do not exist, and everything you posted above is a work of fiction.

Driving around southern California or the south tip of Hawaii shows they are vey real, despite your attempt at the worlds least believable RetCon.

I know about them because I have seen them myself, have driven right past them.

I assure you there is NO way these fields are in fact functional. They are big hulking husks. I was there with wind, where some still turn haphazardly but most have seized up - as they will without constant maintenance.

Did you forget to log out and post as AC?

I am here to bring reality to people, whatever that may actually be, however unpopular that may be. I know people like yourself seek to destroy others who engage in speaking against your foundation of faith, but I don't care.

Real data show the installed wind capacity, and actual annual wind production growing rapidly, year after year.

They probably showed the same thing back when theater wind farms were put in. As the old saying goes,, current performance is not a promise of future success... remember my post was about the future, and what the past has shown us about the real future, You (or someone other naive acolyte) said that Windmills have essentially very little cost to operate long term - which would mean older fields would still be in operation. Since they are not, the promise that they always will be is a lie. I look forward myself in 20 years to photographing the new sites of rusty hulks we are planting today...

(This is the only occasion when right-whiners show much concern for the environment - those 300,000 or so annual wind turbine bird kills,

I care for, and have done more for, the environment than you ever will. I am an avid hiker and photographer who appreciates and cares for nature far more than you ever will. I have seen these rotting wind farms because I enjoy nature all around the globe and travel back ways to enjoy it....

You should never pre-suppose you know where someone s coming from, because you will mostly be wrong and you will always look like an idiot for assuming.

To communicate is the beginning of understanding. -- AT&T