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Comment: Re:As a private citizen (Score 5, Interesting) 211

by WillAffleckUW (#47893947) Attached to: Congress Can't Make Asteroid Mining Legal (But It's Trying, Anyway)

Technically, no.

You are bound by the treaties your country signed. In fact, they have more legal weight in the US than laws passed by your own Congress.

As an example, the US has signed Data Treaties with the EU and with Canada that give citizens of those countries more rights to privacy than you as an American would have (exception: if you are also a citizen of an EU country or Canada, you gain those rights in the US as well).

Same goes for any treaties signed for non-countries such as Antarctica (which you are bound to) and space (where those exist).

That's the law. That you choose to be a space pirate, is your own problem. I recommend wearing a gold colored space pirate outfit, with a cape and a cool helmet.

Comment: And remember you have privacy rights by treaty (Score 1) 460

by WillAffleckUW (#47890599) Attached to: CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

Americans in their own country might not have privacy rights, but Canadians signed a US-Canada treaty that gives them the same privacy rights in the US as they have in Canada.

Be polite (not hard if Canadian), but don't let them treat you like an American serf.

+ - Microsoft killing off Windows Phone brand name in favor of just Windows

Submitted by DroidJason1
DroidJason1 (3589319) writes "Microsoft is killing off the "Windows Phone" name in favor of Windows. The company also plans to drop the "Nokia" name from handsets in favor of just "Lumia." These details were revealed in a leaked memo. We've already begun seeing these changes in recent advertisements from Microsoft and it makes perfect sense seeing as how Microsoft is shifting towards one operating system to rule them all."

Comment: Guys - we have all of this (Score 1) 485

by WillAffleckUW (#47881767) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

PACCAR near Seattle makes low emission and hybrid trucks.

There are electric bus lines. In fact, Seattle has some.

There are hybrid bus lines. In fact, Seattle has some.

There are even fuel cell trains. In Canada.

We have the technology, we just need to end all fossil fuel subsidies and tax exemptions and cheap mining/drilling and the invisible hand of the marketplace will make them commonplace.

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