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Comment: Daylight viewable display? (Score 1) 182

by WillAdams (#48034971) Attached to: HP Introduces Sub-$100 Windows Tablet

I spent too much time fiddling w/ a passive stylus on a Fujitsu Point PT-510 --- not that interested in repeating it, but if it had a daylight viewable display so that it could:

  - function as a map reader when travelling
  - work as a controller for my CNC machine when using it outside (as good as the dust collection is, Ipê gets cut outside)

But I'm not seeing any machines w/ daylight viewable displays available for less than several grand....

Comment: Re:Just what we need. More compliance! (Score 5, Informative) 208

by WillAdams (#47996595) Attached to: Drones Reveal Widespread Tax Evasion In Argentina

The township has a certain set of fixed costs which it has to meet every year.

Taxes are set so as to raise that amount, apportioned as decided by the lawmakers and voters.

People who fail to pay on unreported improvements aren't adhering to the agreed-upon social contract, placing a larger requirement for payments/burden on those who are.

If you don't like the taxes in an area, move, or participate in your local government to get things changed.

Comment: One of the best programmers I've known had a BA (Score 1) 392

by WillAdams (#47920567) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

in Philosophy.

He'd written everything from operating systems to end-user applications and had a well-thumbed first printing of Knuth's TAOCP: Vol. 1 and was the person I brought my royalty check (for finding an error and a point of improvement in _Digital Typography_) in to work to show.

Comment: Re:I never liked those state/city incentives (Score 4, Funny) 149

Now, now, you can't go criticizing sports teams when the N.F.L. is a non-profit organization which exists for the good of the game and to enhance the beneficial effects which the game has on society, right? I'm sure the goals of the other sports organizations are as noble and that their bookkeeping is similarly transparent.

I'm sure that it's some bizarre, pestilential outside influence which has banned community ownership of teams (save for the grand-fathered-in Greenbay Packers) and required that a minimum percentage of a team be owned by a single individual.

Comment: Re:Trendy != popular (Score 1) 387

by WillAdams (#47867799) Attached to: Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

``Almost no one'' != none, therefore, some people are using Haskell in HFT by your own admission.

I cited a source which noted Haskell is used for such --- do you have a citation for that number / proportion being very low?

Looking through the first page of Google search results for ``high frequency trading programming languages'' Haskell is noted as being advantageous for its ability to prove correctness of a program.

Comment: Re:Trendy != popular (Score 5, Interesting) 387

by WillAdams (#47863881) Attached to: Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

Three words:

High frequency trading

Most of the code driving that is written in Haskell, which is just criminal, since it's some very bright people writing that code, and they're not contributing in any meaningful way to humanity, just fiddling bits to determine who has how much of what money at the end of each trade.

Comment: Sources for books (Score 1) 116

by WillAdams (#47815975) Attached to: E-Books On a $20 Cell Phone --- forum for books where the members create nicely formatted books, and are willing to fix errors when reported --- mass-produced books by the masses --- getting errors fixed is a bit more difficult, but can be made to happen

http://onlinebooks.library.upe... --- The Online Books Page, John Mark Ockerbloom's attempt to list all freely available electronic versions of printed texts.

Comment: Re:Incredibally useful (Score 2) 32

by WillAdams (#47575413) Attached to: NASA's JPL Develops Multi-Metal 3D Printing Process

Classic old saw is that the only tool in a workshop which can duplicate itself is a lathe --- hence the Gingery books starting w/ making a lathe using investment castings:

(Book 1 is how to set up a charcoal foundry)

Had a copy of Book 2 a long while ago and gave it away --- always rather regretted that.

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