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Comment Re:It's just an allegory (Score 1) 83

Six is not an average but an upper limit.

Regarding the remote tribes: that is even more paradox. Suppose they never had a visitor or there is no living person that connects them to an other population, then the distance to random other people on the world is "undefined" or "infinite".

On the other hand, perhaps, if no one knows anyone outside their tribe(s), never had an outside visitor, etc... then, from their perspective, no one else exists and they know everyone in the world and their numbers are probably 1 or 2.

Comment I'm impressed (Score 1) 201

  • 2016-11-08 – Firefox 50 (8 weeks cycle)
  • 2016-12-13 – Firefox 50.0.1 (5 week cycle, release for critical fixes as needed)
  • 2017-01-24 – Firefox 51 (6 weeks from prior release)

They already know, 11 months in advanced, they'll need a critical fixes release then - and have planned ahead - so we can count on smoooooth sailing until December.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 526

In fairness, with enough resources, Vista didn't suck nearly as bad as people said it did ... I ran it on a quad core machine with 8GB of RAM until a year ago, and it was just fine.

Ya, as long as you don't need a Cray supercomputer to run Windows and Office ... wait, you only mentioned Windows.

Comment disrupting or interfering by design (Score 1) 166

... an app cannot disrupt or interfere with devices, networks or other parties' apps and services.

I imagine these rules are meant to apply to unintentional/unknown actions, not ones by design for which the user specifically installed the app to perform. Otherwise, all those call/text/spam blocker apps (like Mr. Number) need to go, 'cause they're interfering with things too...

Comment Re:frosty (Score 5, Funny) 58

The Unleashed books are still going?

Correction: Books are still going?

When the Apocalypse comes and you're frantically looking for something to charge your Kindle so you can read your digital copy of "Surviving the Apocalypse" I'll be sitting by the campfire, thumbing through my hard copy - which can *also* be used to start the campfire.

Comment Re:The 0.01% (Score 1) 217

I would argue that if her net worth is actually $300 million then she doesn't really need *any* severance, especially for doing a bad job and/or bad company performance during (or because of) her tenure. These golden parachutes executives get are more about ego than anything else. They already make something like 500% more than their employees make. At most, they should get the same kind of severance other people in their company would get.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1825

You could improve the mod system a bit by having it detect "controversial" comments ...

That shouldn't be too difficult, just look for a few key words - Note: The actual commentary doesn't seem to matter.

I'll start: (and probably get modded Troll or Flamebait - because there's no +1 ironic)

  • (Fox|Faux) "News"
  • Gun (control|rights)
  • (Hillary Clinton|Sarah Palin)
  • (Democrats|Republicans|Liberals|Conservatives)
  • Star (Trek|Wars)
  • (irony|ironic)

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