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Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 393

I had a high school friend who was a fan of LSD. Saying it isn't addictive is a lie. He was constantly touting the benefits, which I didn't see in his life.

Having a negative impact on your life is not the same as being addictive. Eating candy bars can have a detrimental impact if you do it enough, but that doesn't make them addictive substances. Sounds like your friend was just a big fan.

Things (not just substances) can also be mentally and emotionally addictive, not just physically.

Comment Re:No LEDS (Score 1) 505

No LEDS to tell me the device is turned off. No LEDS to tell me it's "sleeping".

I would like to add: stop using those bright blue LEDs on everything. The ones on my equipment are like fucking search lights at night. I could read by the light of my electric shaver LED. I can see the glow from the computer equipment in my study down the hall from my bedroom. I have either (a) use black marker to dull them or cover them with paper.

Comment Re:Greed rules in Corporate America (Score 2) 118

Only goes to show. Of course, we have no proof that thin thread would of actually worked, but instead of caring about America's safety, the NSA only cared about getting more money.

Exactly. What boosts the perceived need for agencies like the NSA and their funding better and faster: (a) reasoning and prudence, (b) people getting killed and things blown up ? Preventing attacks would hurt their bottom line and struggle for power over the masses. (God damn, that was cynical - even for me.)

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 1) 461

Man pages don't help you discover new commands. They're best if you know the command, but aren't sure the syntax of the different options. If you don't know the command in the first place, man pages are useless. They're basically only good for people who don't need them but may find them convenient from time to time.

For those unfamiliar, from the "man" man page:

man -k <regexp>

-k, --apropos
Equivalent to apropos. Search the short manual page descriptions for keywords and display any matches. See apropos(1) for details.

Not even close to perfect, but sometimes helpful.

Comment Misplaced blame? (Score 3, Insightful) 486

Wasn't it CIA meddling that instigated the various messes around the planet, including Afghanistan and Iran in the first place? Ultimately, it seems the CIA has the more blood on its hands than Snowden ever could - presuming Woolsey had a valid point and wasn't, apparently, a bat-shit crazy socio/psycho-path with a really short and/or selective memory.

Comment Re:What city? (Score 3, Funny) 275

On the upside, maybe this means we can finally put Google+ out of its misery...what's that? Even terrorists don't use Google+? Damn.

They don't use Siri either, 'cause they won't take directions from a woman.

And the fact that she's a single female answer-bot, not accompanied by a male relative answer-bot doesn't help.

Comment Re:Well then (Score 1) 342

I've given up on noscript, to be honest, and simply replaced it with an ad blocker. Unfortunately, the web has reached a tipping point where you simply can't view many modern sites with scripting blocked. I spent half my time selectively unblocking noscript trying to get the site to render correctly, I just got tired of the constant fiddling.

On the other hand, NoScript makes it easier to safely sample a new/unknown site to see if you even want to view its content - unless they're dicks and use Javascript to render even their basic text (I fucking hate that).

Comment dear national security personnel: (Score 5, Insightful) 259

do your fucking job. spying on suspects

not hoovering everything from everyone and thinking a search query will give you magic intelligence. intelligence work is *work*

the encryption is not important. your gumshoe work is. get out of your fucking cubicle you lardass and find these dirtbags

and if you can't do that maybe your useless security theatre job should be axed

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