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Comment Re: What? (Score 2) 72

Well, now, 3D printing is only scheduled as a weekly guaranteed submission. You're being thrown off by the intersection between 3D printing and guns, which is a slam dunk for the front page.

Drones are a bit more sporadic; I haven't quite figured out the cycle. It's not daily, but it's more frequent than weekly.

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 333

They sold off a specific ARM-based product, one which doesn't get much press these days.

At the time Intel owned them, StrongARM and XScale were pretty much *the* mobile processors, alongside MIPS. Nothing Intel has done with ARM since has been done at the same scale and it'd debatable whether they've made anything viable with it.

I expect Intel still dabbles in ARM like Microsoft dabbles in Linux. They "do it", but there's not a whole lot of love, and you maybe don't want to get your core business too dependent on how they approach them.

Comment Re: What? (Score 4, Insightful) 72

I'm really not sure how this was picked up for the front page, unless the new overlords are taking "pay-to-publish" submissions now

It has "Bitcoin" in the title. Of course it got picked up.

Don't you know the rules?

Every day, there's gotta be at least one Forbes submission make it up, one hackaday, one from whatever site itwbennett is pushing these days (I don't click those links), and one Bitcoin story.

It's like clockwork. Things are a little shaken up with week what with all the changes happening around here, but they'll get their groove back soon enough.

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 1) 177

Well, fixed wireless broadband isn't *horrible* compared to some alternatives. I went from DSL to 28.8k dial-up for a few years and that was... well, I didn't worry about congestion from neighbours, that's for sure.

The only advantage of fixed wireless over DSL or cable is that I don't have to worry much about where I put holes in the ground; the only line coming onto my property that I care about is overhead.

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 2) 177

You certainly could get something much better than DSL if your carrier could be bothered. That is your only choice because they have a monopoly or duopoly (which isn't really any better than a monopoly).

I have a choice of broadband wireless providers (two that I know of), or satellite broadband. Or I could use cellular service for the week or so before I maxed it out.

I suspect in a few years I might be able to get fiber, depending on what they're doing with those lines they ran down the highway at the edge of my yard. Unless they did that just to taunt me.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 1) 1829

Of course you need to actually *read* some of the comments. If there are 437 comments, but 400 of them are "foobar sucks" and "why won't foobar die", maybe you *shouldn't* post more stories.

Amen. I'm consistently seeing +4/+5 moderated posts calling something spam or a bullshit topic. In other words, that's logged-in users with decent karma who care enough to moderate telling you that your editors are fucking things up. That's a feedback goldmine, there. Pay attention to it.

Comment Re:Ignore 99.9% of the recommendations (Score 1) 1829

Actually, there's a certain amount of necessary "fucking with it". In many cases, it just amounts to rolling back braindead decisions made by the previous owners. Kill any lingering vestiges of beta and other beta-like Web 2.0 tendencies, drop anything involving video, and for the love of all that is good do not foist another idiot like Haselton on us. There are some longstanding technical issues that should be fixed (https, IPv6, mobile, etc). I'm on the fence about Unicode; quite frankly, if it's not ASCII I have no interest in writing it or reading it, but I guess there's some people who might like to write their real name or something...

The majority of changes need to be made on the content side. Editors that edit, dropping the rants^H^H^H^H^Horiginal content (cf. Haselton), video reporting, clickbait (if the new corporate overlords want to post something, don't insult our intelligence), etc. Promoting more tech and far, far less blogspam and contentious clickbait. I'm not entirely against blogspam, but I think it should be recognized, flagged as such, and I'd like to see slashdot charge money for promoting it. The other thing is having some actually reading and acting on comments when genuine abuse is called out; readers can see patterns (i.e. Microsoft's corporate PR games a couple years ago) and aren't shy about pointing it out. Shut that stuff down.

Comment Re:This is excellent news (Score 1) 315

I find Windows 10 a well-made OS, finally catching up to Linux at current. It's usable and reasonable, although I had to go into the installer and modify the boot.wim and install.wim file because it was hard-freezing my CPU at boot.

That's not catching up to Linux at current. That's catching up to Linux circa 1997.

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