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Comment: Re: Semantics (Score 2) 546

by Whorhay (#48214859) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

What if it's swearing that makes someone uncomfortable? What if their idea of swearing and yours differ significantly? I received detention in school for using the words "pissed off" and "damn it" on seperate occasions both in a humorous context, but apparently my teachers were offended. The solution you imply is not workable because everyone has different opinions and thresholds of what is acceptable behaviour. The best we can really hope for is to enact and enforce laws that the majority can accept, and then allowing individuals to live in whichever society they prefer. Of course this results in some countries requiring the practical subjugation of half their population, and not allowing freedom of movement, and some groups actually want to force their views on others.

Comment: Re:That's the way the gyoza goes (Score 1) 329

by Whorhay (#48197629) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

I don't think the laws were actually limited to guns. I can't find an easy cite at the moment but I seem to remember that peasants were forbidden from possessing any purpose built weapons. And that many martial arts weapons were improvised from farming tools or other items that weren't necessarily weapons.

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by Whorhay (#48104803) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht's Lawyer Says FBI's Hack of Silk Road Was "Criminal"

I believe the Defense actually showed that did not actually happen. The logs which are in evidence from the server show that the supposed CAPTCHA leak never happened. The CAPTCHA story was apparently an atempt at parallel construction that failed. So now the defense team is working to get all the evidence gathered as a result thrown out. The prosecution is stuck either revealing their potentially illegal methods or hoping that the Judge just really likes them.

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I've worn out one very cheap generic keyboard in the last twelve years, and replaced it with an almost equally cheap board that I replaced recently just because I could. The first functioned just fine until some specific keys started to not respond reliably, the spacebare even had a nice indent from where my left thumb always rested. I think that first keyboard cost $6 and lasted about as many years. The second was around $20 and I only just replaced after seven years of use because I just wanted something nicer. Now I use a Microsoft Sidewinder or something like that, the big features that I wanted out of it was anti ghosting and being spill proof so my toddler can't ruin it as readily.

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I don't even think it'd require all that many steps if you designed a weapon meant to be built and assembled by amateurs. During WW2 some clever people actually designed what became known as the STEN, which could be easily produced in significant numbers by resistance fighters and used the ammunition stolen or looted from the Germans. Sure if you want to replicate something as complicated as an M-4 you are looking at a lot of work, but something like a STEN could be done much more easily.

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How do you have a story that doesn't have a plot. You could have a one sentence story and it would still have a plot. Not every story has a complicated plot, but a plot is pretty much just a simpler explanation of events.

And as the Anon's have already said, Breaking Bad had a well done ending. I would add that the ending for Dexter was good also.

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I've never really understood the use of having multiple desktops under the same user. To me it has always struck me as a way of making work harder because now you have things seperated even further. I like having two monitors because I want more desktop space, using virtual desktops doesn't give you more space because you still end up tabbing back and forth between them.

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Because giving you a $200 per diem likely doesn't cost them $200. For instance if that money has to be spent at specific vendors that they have worked out a deal with. This is one of the things that the US and organizations like The Gates Foundation get criticized for. It's like company script in place of being given cash, you can only spend that script at the company store, where the company is happy to sell you a $10 shovel that only cost them $5 to obtain and stock. The US frequently gives foreign aid with the stipulation that it be spent on US goods and services, the gates foundation likes to drive business to partnered for profit businesses.

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I picked out my current TV based on a number of other variables and eneded up with a barely smart TV with 3D. The Netflix 3D selection is pretty sad, but Youtube has more stuff, and the kids/cousins love watching stuff in 3D. And since I have young children who don't like baby sitters I occassionally treat the wife and myself to a 3D blu-ray of something we would have liked to see in the theatres, and as exepensive as movie tickets are these days it's just as cost effective to own the blu-ray DvD combo pack.

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This was probably in the firehose long before it showed on the frontpage. I wouldn't expect any limited number offer like that to survive more than 60 seconds once it made it to Slashdot in any fashion. We're lucky that the kickstarter servers didn't just crash and burn under the load that a posting here can bring.

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That is a cool feature I was previously unaware of. However I still won't pin stuff because I hate the way it takes up taskbar space, and when you have a number of applications open, they then aren't displayed in the order that you opened them on the taskbar.

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