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Comment: Re:Ultimate Security Risk: Carry PW in your pocket (Score 1) 257

by Whorhay (#49354049) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

The vast majority of people who have accounts get hacked aren't getting physical visits from the attacker. Hell keeping your pass phrase on a sticky note under your keyboard isn't that dangerous either unless you are specifically protecting against an insider threat.

Comment: Re:My Preferences (Score 1) 198

by Whorhay (#49348027) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

I miss the old Microsoft Intellimouse also. I used one at work for six years straight with no issues or problems ever. The first time I thought about buying one for home use they were available super cheap on line and I bought one anticipating using it when my current mouse broke. In the mean time my wife's mouse broke and so she started using it, it lasted maybe 3 months because she was constantly dropping it off the side of her desk. Since then the only ones I've been able to find online were at scalper prices on ebay.

Comment: Re:wow.. resounding success though.. (Score 1) 110

by Whorhay (#49338773) Attached to: Public Records Request Returns 4.6M License Plate Scans From Oakland PD

Did those hits actually result in a vehicle being stopped and possibly recovered? I seem to remember seeing several cases where police departments were collecting all this data but only ever using it for pet cases and ignoring plenty of low hanging fruit. The one that sticks out in my memory at the moment was were a wanted person's vehicle, drove past the same camera's everyday on the same schedule but they never checked to see if the wanted person was driving it.

Comment: Re:Number 4 (Score 1) 56

by Whorhay (#49338297) Attached to: NASA's Abandoned Launch Facilities

I wonder what the reasoning was for mounting the blast door that way. I would think you'd want it oriented such that a blast coming down the slide would push the door closed, instead of hold it open. Although I suppose that if the door isn't closed all the way by the time a blast reaches that far it might not matter.

Comment: Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 339

by Whorhay (#49336005) Attached to: Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb

I think it has less to do with how easy it is or isn't, and a lot more to do with their own stupidity and lack of motivated people. Just observe the extreme rarity of actual terrorist attacks from islamic extremists in the USA. Obtaining weapons and explosives is relatively simple here, and it is an incredibly target rich environment. Yet there is very little in the way of terrorist activity.

Comment: Re:You want security? Start with the OS. (Score 1) 237

by Whorhay (#49304405) Attached to: Every Browser Hacked At Pwn2own 2015, HP Pays Out $557,500 In Awards

I've got news for you, even the governement doesn't really care to make their software secure. There is lots of noise made about it, and sometimes an unbelievable circus. But in the end no one wants to pay either in dollars, time, or inconvenience. There have been multiple attempts throughout the decades to standardize, and it never gets very far before making compromises for some pet project and before you know it the standard is null and void. No one in a position to do anything about it gives a crap about security until their ass is actually in the fire because they had a breach.

Comment: Re:If the browser authors spent more time... (Score 2) 237

by Whorhay (#49304161) Attached to: Every Browser Hacked At Pwn2own 2015, HP Pays Out $557,500 In Awards

I'm pertty confident most people would be happier with static pages whether they know it or not. The only exception I can think of is video and audio, which could still be done easily enough without building massive pages of shitty java script. I have used noScript for years and it is amazing how improved most sites are when you block the scripts from their two dozen partner sites.

Comment: Re:Death traps. (Score 1) 451

by Whorhay (#49291169) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future

Millions of business owners do this already everyday when they insure their workers against doing something stupid. By choosing to own and operate a SDC you have to accept the minimal level of risk that it could be the cause of, or faulted in an accident. You pay the probably incredibly small liability insurance and move on. When most cars are SDC accident rates will likely fall drastically, and so in turn with the cost of insuring a vehicle. Even with the high accident numbers we have today many people pay for full coverage insurance, including clauses protecting them from uninsured drivers. I'm rather confident that insurance will be a non issue with SDC's.

Comment: Re:Its about using your best skills (Score 1) 114

by Whorhay (#49287243) Attached to: Stanford Study Credits Lack of Non-Competes For Silicon Valley's Success

I think it probably applies to any job. Myself I would never sign a non-compete unless the compensation would shortly free me from having to ever work again. My Father had signed such an agreement and I saw him suffer the consequences when he finally left that company. At the time he told me he could fight it in court that by the time the lawyers were done there wouldn't be anything left and he'd still be out the years of lost income. I didn't know then that moving to California could possibly have been a viable alternative, but he evidentally find it was.

Comment: Re:Free is still too expensive (Score 1) 322

by Whorhay (#49284667) Attached to: Microsoft Offers Pirates Amnesty and Free Windows 10 Upgrades

1. I've never had that problem in 8, though it did happen with my work computer that is on 7.

2. I guess I'm not using any really old hardware. I was using a 3 year old graphics card though and never had any problems with using non-microsoft drivers.

3. The tiled start screen is dumb but I almost never see it. It was the first thing I saw when I booted the computer for the first time. But then I switched to the desktop view with the windows key and since then it has always gone straight to the desktop after reboots. Now the only time I see it is when I use the OS to search for something, no addons, mods, or cryptic settings required.

4. I've never used RDP on 8 as it's my home computer, but sounds like a plausible complaint. That said I'm not sure how that'd even come up as a problem, are you using RDP to play a video game on a remote server?

In my experience 8 is just as shitty as 7. Which makes sense as 8 is mainly 7 with some extra UI changes which you can mostly avoid anyways.

Comment: Re:Free market will sort it out (Score 3, Interesting) 254

by Whorhay (#49283653) Attached to: Evolution Market's Admins Are Gone, Along With $12M In Bitcoin

That is correct to an extent. There has always been organized crime. But during times of prohibition their ability to make money has drastically increased because the law has created a situation ripe for their exploitation with a huge market. Drugs is the current profit center for most of the worlds organized criminal organizations. Yes, if we legalized drugs they would continue to exist, but they would lose their primary funding stream. With less funding comes less influence and we'd see a reduction in their ability to continue operations.

Comment: 20 years and not many failures. (Score 1) 307

I've had 1 CPU with a non fatal issue. A Motherboard where the front side bus failed when some capacitors died. An undersized case fan that failed when the bearings gave out. One graphics card that gave up after five years or so. I'm pretty sure I had a power supply fritz out on my also but can't remember for sure anymore.

By far the most troublesome part has been hard drives. I've had two go bad, one after 2.5 years and the other at 1.5 years. At least the second failure was a SMART drive and gave me enough warning to get most of my data off before final failure.

Although now that I think about it I've had a few optical drives break down as well as mice.

Comment: Re:E-books have covers??? (Score 1) 59

by Whorhay (#49278117) Attached to: New Site Mocks Bad Artwork On Ebook Covers

I have my paperwhite set to show just titles and authors on the home screen, so I don't even see the cover art then.

Speaking of the "screen saver" pictures, I think some of them are nice. But I really wish they'd just let me turn them off and just save battery by not changing the screen state at all.

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