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Comment Re:OP vs Reality (Score 1) 112

Just because it has a similar population density does not make it a valid comparison. Look at the two maps below, Nearly a quarter of their 5.4 million people live in Helsinki alone. If all of them have 100mbs connections or better it will be easy to have an average speed 5x the USA even if those in rural areas have no internet connection at all. I know it is popular to hate on the US for doing a crappy job rolling out broadband but we really have to stop comparisons to countries that are distinctly different. http://education.randmcnally.c...

Comment Re:Hippism? (Score 2) 221

The unfortunate thing is at the college level equestrian teams are now considered a female sport in the USA so that their funding can balance out male sports due to Title 9 requiring equal spending. I have no idea how this will reflect in the sport in the long run but it certainly prevented me from competing in college where as a male I would have to pay for all of my own lessons and competitions. I doubt there will be much change in the upper levels as one of the biggest factors is still quality of horse (money) but I am curious to watch long term trends.

Comment Re:Scientific Method (Score 1) 258

Got to love the publicity of a study with a n of 1. Seriously how is this considered research? A. the bacteria would probably survive the freezing, it is more the molds that would die off and lower the smell. B. Five different kinds of bacteria can be five strains of E coli when he forgot to wipe or five nasty varied ones. C. Why no enumeration on the bacteria? There could have been 1 or millions. Really the biggest thing would be how much moisture was in them when they were stored for the night. I wonder if when he froze them he had an auto defrosting freezer that takes the moisture out of the air? Also definitely a nasty study that I think they should force on all first year bio students to up their N values. They are not going to get laid anyways.

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