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by Whiteox (#46797311) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

Not being USA-ian, I'm not sure what actions or statements are treason. But some of the Republican statements that have come out publicly against Obama are not only personally offensive but are against the State: i.e. Treasonous - that the opposition won't support a bill because they don't consider Obama capable. It was much worse than, implicating the majority that voted him in twice! But I forget the actual insult. I think Obama would of had more than enough to arrest the leadership of the Republican party for treasonous statements. Yet he has done nothing.

As for the Russians? Well history since WWII has clearly shown that Russia has used their gas pipelines, forcing nations into dependency, raising and lowering prices ad hoc, putting political and economic pressures on these now dependent countries. That was the bribe used against the Ukraine in late 2013 - cheap gas and billions of rubles for them to stay out of the EU.

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I agree with the poor MS documentation. IMHO most of the relevant docs are by 3rd parties. There is a huge document gap between "How To...." and technical reference. You really need to be MS trained in the MS ecosystem and even then you are forced into some form of specialty. Trying to get to grips with MS speak is another issue. Mind you, YMMV - but there are quite a few entry points that promise a lot in introductory documentation, but fail to deliver specifics or solutions, forcing the user to scrounge forums etc.
I'm reminded of Monty Python, describing how to play the flute (paraphrasing) "Blow into one end and move your fingers up and down on the outside."
Not all MS programs are that bad, but what saves it is the knowledgebase that develops for it, until it goes critical, too large and complex to be of practical use.

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The Bloater Drive is a reactionless engine.
Read 'Bill The Galactic Hero' for a full description.
From Wikipedia:
"Bloater Drive

The standard ways of circumventing relativity in 1950s and 1960s science fiction were hyperspace, subspace and spacewarp. Harrison's contribution was the "Bloater Drive". This enlarges the gaps between the atoms of the ship until it spans the distance to the destination, whereupon the atoms are moved back together again, reconstituting the ship at its previous size but in the new location. An occasional side-effect is that the occupants see a planet drifting, in miniature, through the hull."

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I disagree and I think that there are others also that have issues with current Macs.
The significant issue here is that the gui is not user friendly, consequently many feel cheated by the promise of easy computing from Apple being unfulfilled.
Typically, my average clientelle:
1. Can't exit a program.
2. Can't use the docks as they keep changing when they get overfilled.
3. Can't use a single button mouse.
4. Can't easily customise programs.
5. Unintuitiveness - comments like 'Where is it'? "I know I saved it but I can't find it"
Plus a few others. It just goes to show that an over simplistic operating manual becomes pointless.
Face it. An average Apple newbie needs a few training sessions and hopefully manage to retain some introduced skills. Even so, cutting and pasting between apps is almost as difficult to do as with Windows 8.
The problem with Windows is that it has always been too nerdy, and Apple has always been too different for easy uptake.
For example, Safari is a good browser, but put a Windows user in front of it and they give up as you need Finder and Safari to be able to use it. I've seen systems with countless apps and docs opened, multitudes of browser tabs opened for months as it goes into hibernation because there is no obvious indication to the user of running programs!
So don't be too overjoyed about how easy a Mac is to operate. And those "just worked" plug ins? Fantastic - but it's only as good as Windows 7/8 that can download 3rd party drivers without user intervention.
Sure they are fine machines but try and use one intuitively and it fails. The same for Windows 8. A Windows 8 desktop with multiple programs running is a pure mess. You just can't use a phone/tablet OS on a PC. It just don't work too good. 8.1 is a compromise, but I fear that MS has shot themselves in the foot. I'm sure that Windows 9 will be much more functional and more automated in the sense that MS intended Win 8 to be.

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On the other hand, any newbie can create a torrent file and let others download from him, with a lot of benefits.

I can't.
I've tried numerous times:
1. Create torrent (easy)
2. Wait (easy)
3. No-one downloads torrent (fail).

Apart from P4P, I've given up on uploading torrents as NO-ONE IS INTERESTED.

Failed Newbie

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nah they come from that mysteriously popular school that thinks that if you abuse customers and they dislike you, then abuse them some more so that they will hate you, and if you keep abusing them the whole situation emerges from the far side of the black hole and then sales magically go up and they win.

Is that what Adobe is trying to do?

The point to be made is that there is a trade-off between the actual usefulness of a piece of tech and PC trend of morally justifying damning the company that make it.
To me, if GoPro is what I need, then I'll buy it.The idiot that used the take-down has nothing to do with the actual tech.

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