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Comment: Velcro? (Score 1) 18 18

My memory of Apollo 1 was that the fire had to do with teflon and not velcro. Am I mistaken?

FTA "In spite of how it burned in the Apollo 1 fire, velcro isn’t a significant fire hazard. The space shuttle kept its cabin pressurized to an Earth-normal 14.7 psia with a mix of about 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen, and under those conditions velcro is not flammable"

Comment: Re:Pissed (Score 1) 80 80

Well these disclosures are attacks on them. They are losing face because they are being exposed.
Just when they think attention on them is waning, they get hit again and again. They probably do not care but their 'we're the good guys because we fight terrorists' persona is definitely crumbling.
That's not a judgement on why they do what they do. For example, they MUST find out what is happening in the world, so they crack into friendly governments. Just goes to show that the NSA operates outside of normal diplomacy and by their actions do not trust other friendly intelligence organisations or the controlling governments.
I wouldn't be surprised if they are monitoring representatives and senators of their own government. That's scary especially if they achieve self consciousness and try to become our overlords.

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