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by Whiteox (#47740883) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

Close but no cigar. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it went like this:

Towards 2000 (Beyond production) - a 1hr episode by Australians for Australians in the 90's
Beyond 2000 - Same though after 2000 AD - then came Mythbusters for the US market.
The 2 original shows were future science, gadget shows and had no Mythbuster content. The 43 minute show format is purely a US production.
Note: Jamie and Adam are here in Oz right now and have a stage show where they are mythbusting all by themselves.

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I would be more interested in knowing the parameters and outcomes of the software.
Otherwise the code could be as simple as 1+n where n are all the prior votes counted.
Sounds too simple to be an issue so I assume it's got to be a lot more complex than that.
The electoral rolls are marked by hand in each polling place. Even if all sheets are scanned then checked later, it should be a no-brainer piece of code.

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YMMV - The i7 I was referring to was an Asus about 12 months old. It was clean, dust free and otherwise worked well. I had it upstairs near my DVD collection and would rip a DVD (using Handbrake), then copy the mkv file to my home server, if the rip took less than 40 mins, then all ok, but if I happened to be around and ripped a 2nd DVD within a few minutes, then BEFORE it finished the rip, it would shut down. After looking at logs etc, I worked out it was overheating. A USB fan~table did help but I would give it 30 mins to cool off before I ripped again.
Strangely, a crappy Compaq C60 would rip without problems, but it took soo long that it wasn't worth the wait. In the end, I was ripping on a Dual core tower and the i7 laptop without too many problems.

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True. A high end i7 laptop will normally overheat when ripping a DVD or any heavy duty process that lasts for 45+ mins. They are just not designed to be a workhorse. In fact, I can't think of any reason why you should buy an i7 laptop as far as software is concerned. You going to render massive images for hrs on a laptop???
Laptops are a compromise, not a replacement.
Netbooks/Tablets are a different matter and much more suited to Win 8. Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 is excellent and works a treat with Win 7/8 installations. The $99 MS tablet would be an excellent addition to the MS environment. But Win 8 (and 8.1) was never designed to operate on a desktop environment. Win 9 will be and during installation, it will determine which GUI to install. I can hardly wait till 3rd quarter 2015 when it is released.

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You can wind down the cpu voltage and leave the HD in a power down state. I ran a home server for years with a total TPC of around 45 watts when on and around 5 watts on standby.
I also paid for a 3KW solar and now use a turbo diesel car with excellent economy. All bulbs are low wattage and when I pay for electrical usage, it is minimal. The supplier pays me 60c/KW and the electricity is solely Hydro. There are no other forms of energy available to me where I live (no gas/coal etc) but I can burn wood for heating.

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Not being USA-ian, I'm not sure what actions or statements are treason. But some of the Republican statements that have come out publicly against Obama are not only personally offensive but are against the State: i.e. Treasonous - that the opposition won't support a bill because they don't consider Obama capable. It was much worse than, implicating the majority that voted him in twice! But I forget the actual insult. I think Obama would of had more than enough to arrest the leadership of the Republican party for treasonous statements. Yet he has done nothing.

As for the Russians? Well history since WWII has clearly shown that Russia has used their gas pipelines, forcing nations into dependency, raising and lowering prices ad hoc, putting political and economic pressures on these now dependent countries. That was the bribe used against the Ukraine in late 2013 - cheap gas and billions of rubles for them to stay out of the EU.

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I agree with the poor MS documentation. IMHO most of the relevant docs are by 3rd parties. There is a huge document gap between "How To...." and technical reference. You really need to be MS trained in the MS ecosystem and even then you are forced into some form of specialty. Trying to get to grips with MS speak is another issue. Mind you, YMMV - but there are quite a few entry points that promise a lot in introductory documentation, but fail to deliver specifics or solutions, forcing the user to scrounge forums etc.
I'm reminded of Monty Python, describing how to play the flute (paraphrasing) "Blow into one end and move your fingers up and down on the outside."
Not all MS programs are that bad, but what saves it is the knowledgebase that develops for it, until it goes critical, too large and complex to be of practical use.

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The Bloater Drive is a reactionless engine.
Read 'Bill The Galactic Hero' for a full description.
From Wikipedia:
"Bloater Drive

The standard ways of circumventing relativity in 1950s and 1960s science fiction were hyperspace, subspace and spacewarp. Harrison's contribution was the "Bloater Drive". This enlarges the gaps between the atoms of the ship until it spans the distance to the destination, whereupon the atoms are moved back together again, reconstituting the ship at its previous size but in the new location. An occasional side-effect is that the occupants see a planet drifting, in miniature, through the hull."

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