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Comment: Re:My best was 45 minutes (Score 1) 245

by Whiteox (#48644047) Attached to: 65,000 Complaints Later, Microsoft Files Suit Against Tech Support Scammers

I thanked them once for providing me with work.
Another time, a client told me that he was also contacted and complied with the instructions, but because he was so co-operative and very paranoid about intrusion, the scammers actually set him up with a pay by the month virtual service with a vpn somewhere in NY. Amazing! After about a year, he didn't want to pay anymore and asked me to clean his system.
Another time, a newbie girl stammered through the script. It was embarrassing. I let her go on until she finished and I assumed the role of her supervisor, told her that she should be more confident, practice a few more times etc. before informing her that what she was doing was illegal.

Comment: Re:Germany had the last laugh... (Score 1) 323

by Whiteox (#48145103) Attached to: How English Beat German As the Language of Science

No. The space before the full stop has nothing to do with typesetting. It is a writing style now out of favour. A few years ago I edited a 500 page document and had to remove all the spaces before stops. Easy enough to do - just search for " " and replace with "" a few times but a hassle none the less. The author was an 80 year old writer of esoteric dogma. She also indented the first word at the beginning of every paragraph.

Comment: Re:I am SHOCKED! (Score 1) 323

by Whiteox (#48145007) Attached to: How English Beat German As the Language of Science

Spot on! Latin was used for diplomatic and administrative purposes across Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe during the times of the Holy Roman Empire. Why? Because of the huge problem of communication with peoples within the empire. At least 19 different languages had to have some sort of commonality, and the RC church was the ideal way of this kind of transmission.
Don't forget that the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Rite) lasted to 1250 and used Greek and Latin. The Holy Roman Empire (in some form) lasted till 1918, with the last Emperor, Otto Hapsburg dying a few years ago.
So even though Austrian German was the operative language for hundreds of years, Latin was used as the written form and spoken still in diplomatic circles when German was not shared. The old Austro-Hungarian Empire officially stopped using Latin in 1867, although in practice it was used for another 50 years as German became the lingua franca.
However I should point out that the watershed v German and English had a profound effect of Sciences and History. Even today, the ex-Axis countries are repairing the gap. Their Universities were not recognized in the West, and the Western academia have consequently poor knowledge of Central and Eastern European sciences as it wasn't inclusive in the Western mindset.

Comment: Re:Modern Television Style - Thanks Beyond Product (Score 1) 364

by Whiteox (#47740883) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

Close but no cigar. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it went like this:

Towards 2000 (Beyond production) - a 1hr episode by Australians for Australians in the 90's
Beyond 2000 - Same though after 2000 AD - then came Mythbusters for the US market.
The 2 original shows were future science, gadget shows and had no Mythbuster content. The 43 minute show format is purely a US production.
Note: Jamie and Adam are here in Oz right now and have a stage show where they are mythbusting all by themselves.

Comment: Re:Could it be Micro$oft ... (Score 1) 112

I would be more interested in knowing the parameters and outcomes of the software.
Otherwise the code could be as simple as 1+n where n are all the prior votes counted.
Sounds too simple to be an issue so I assume it's got to be a lot more complex than that.
The electoral rolls are marked by hand in each polling place. Even if all sheets are scanned then checked later, it should be a no-brainer piece of code.

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