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Comment: Re:What's wrong with the old one? (Score 1) 147

by Whiteox (#49364009) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

I believe that the null gravity point is about 90% from Earth. It should remain stationary and would be a true space station and not orbital. It could be out of the earth moon plane as well, so you wouldn't have issues with eclipses.
I agree with the AC that the next one should be an unmanned freight depot about half way to Mars.

Comment: What's wrong with the old one? (Score 2) 147

by Whiteox (#49362833) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

So what happens in 2024? They shut ISS down? I expect to see another crater somewhere in the middle of Australia soon after.
Anyway, if you are going to build another one, then move it far out at null gravity between the Moon and Earth, instead of stuffing around in Earth orbit, i.e. stationary. Make it count as a stepping stone at least.

Comment: End User (Score 1) 68

by Whiteox (#49362789) Attached to: Another Patent Pool Forms For HEVC

OK So I'm not into this very much. I use some splitters and re-encode ripped video on the odd occasion with Handbrake. What got me though with HEVC is that the requirements for playback needs a multi-core processor.
I downloaded a 30 min video file (FTA torrent) and I was surprised with the smaller file size (about 30-40% improvement), but pissed off at not having a player for it. After searching around, I got VLC updated to play the file which looked promising at first. Unfortunately, it bombed out as it lost the audio/video sync within a few minutes and started to jitter.
Undie-turred, I downloaded a different source and found the same issue. The files just wouldn't play on a single processor successfully.
ATM I can't support this codec as I have a few old, single core laptops in bedrooms that are used to play video from my home server.

Comment: Re:Pointing out the stark, bleeding obvious... (Score 1) 247

by Whiteox (#49308115) Attached to: France Decrees New Rooftops Must Be Covered In Plants Or Solar Panels

and forcing the survivors to live a pre-industrial lifestyle.

Yep! My ancestors were horse archers. They made a huge mistake allying themselves with the Franks. Within 100 years, they lost their Parthian tactics consequently adopting Frankish heavy armour in battle. Soon, their brethren Mongols slew them down. So yes. Let's get back to those times. It takes a good few months to make a bow from sinew, bone and wood. The shafts have to be long, straight and the points sharp to pierce deep. Oh and don't forget the stirrups that allow us to use both hands when we aim and fire! Let me join the hoard now as I'm ready for vengeance! We need more land along the river banks to settle our tribe, to hunt with dogs and share our food. Destroy those Christians who want to take away our beliefs and runes. Let our shamans record our glory and we will bury our heroes in all their finery, with weapons at hand for the battles to come!
The Khazars are with us! Let's ride!

Old programmers never die, they just branch to a new address.