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Comment: Punishment should be imposed... (Score 0) 1

by WhiteRider (#21201909) Attached to: Seagate offer refunds on 6.2 million hard drives
on the originator of this class action lawsuit. Something along the lines of death by "sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads" sounds appropriate.

Ever since I started working with computers I've known that the different numbering systems caused problems.

I guess the only good thing that may come out of this is that hard drive manufacturers may start using the base-2 system when defining space on the drives.
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Scientists develop non-stick gum...->

Submitted by Zephida
Zephida (1016417) writes "Non-stick chewing gum which cannot glue itself to pavements, seats or shoes — and with the added bonus of being completely bio-degradable — has been invented by a British scientist in what is thought to be a world first
The gum contains a new kind of rubber-like polymer that lacks the stickiness of conventional chewing gums, which have become a costly environmental problem for local councils because of the millions of discarded cuds which remain glued to pavements and buildings for years."

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+ - Programming Can Ruin Your Life->

Submitted by
devizen writes "There are many essays and articles extolling the virtues of becoming a great programmer. You'll have a sharp mind, great abstract reasoning skills, and a chance to become wealthy by working mere hours a day. This is what you've heard, right? Sadly, no one ever tells you about the ways in which it will adversely affect your life. Programming Can Ruin Your Life does just that."
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Hardware Hacking

+ - Counterfeit iPhone without the lock-in->

Submitted by alphabetsoup
alphabetsoup (953829) writes "Not only are iPhones clones available in South-east Asia, they are available since December, six months before the real iPhone was released. The counterfeits were designed from photos of iPhones posted on the internet. However these clones differ from the original in one crucial aspect — they are much more open than the original iPhone. The counterfeit phones work on any network. From the article: "It's the exterior we are imitating," Ben says. "If customers want functions, we can offer more and much better functions than the real phone."

With Apple delaying the launch of iPhone in Asia till 2008, these clones may be the only option of available to Asians for another year."

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+ - Black screen of darkness to haunt Vista pirates->

Submitted by jcatcw
jcatcw (1000875) writes "Microsoft's Reduced Functionality mode was explained in an email to OEMs as the consequence of Vista piracy. It includes a black screen after 1 hour of browsing, no start menu or task bar, and no desktop. Using fear as a motivator, the email warns resellers to 'make sure your customers always get genuine Windows Vista preinstalled.'"
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+ - No gnu/linux love from ID software-> 1

Submitted by
gnarlin writes "According to's article (in German) ID software will no longer be porting their games to gnu/linux starting with the new Rage game being developed. Another article at beyond3d has the details in english. Is this due to lack of sales? This seems to be a major blow to gnu/linux gamers everywhere, especially when gnu/linux users are finally getting good Free software drivers for AMD's/ATI's graphic chips."
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+ - IBM beats Microsoft over the head with own code->

Submitted by
bednarz writes "IBM added a delicious twist on its new commitment to help battle Microsoft Office by donating code that was originally derived in part from a Microsoft-developed technology. IBM's iAccessible2, code-named Project Missouri, is a specification for technology used to help the visually impaired interact with Open Document Format (ODF)-compliant applications and was developed in part using Microsoft Active Accessibility (MAA)."
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+ - Music Industry Brain Damage - The 1

Submitted by mrneutron2003
mrneutron2003 (1106301) writes "Just when you thought stupid ideas had become an endangered species, the RIAA presses forward and shows us how naive we were. The RIAA has officially backed a move by the recording industry to reintroduce the CD single. Populated with two songs and a "ringtone", this brilliantly clueless idea is to be marketed as a "ringle", complete with an even more clueless retail price of $6-7 per CD. Apart from the fact the industry hasn't agreed on how the ringtone is to be redeemed (Sony BMG, the initial proponent of the this any the exception here), the pricing puts it way out of the league of legitimate digital music downloads."

+ - French Threat to ID Secret US Satellites->

Submitted by
SkiifGeek writes " has reported that the French have identified numerous objects in orbit that do not appear in the ephemeris data reported by the US Space Surveillance Network. Since the US has claimed that if it doesn't appear in the ephemeris data, then it doesn't exist, and the French claim that at least some of the objects have solar arrays, it seems that the French have found secret US satellites.

While the French don't plan to release the information publicly, they are planning to use it as leverage to get the US to suppress reporting of sensitive French satellites in their published ephemeris.

The Graves surveillance radar (the French system) and a comparable German system may form the basis of a pan-European Space Surveillance network — another system that the Europeans don't want to rely on the US for."

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The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.