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Submission + - The Public Collection: Indianapolis's own 'Big Free Libraries'->

Robotech_Master writes: Indianapolis has just launched a great new series of art installations intended to promote both art and literacy. The Public Collection will act as a sort of artistic big version of the "Little Free Libraries" that have been popping up lately—offering hundreds of books to the general public, including homeless and hospital patients, absolutely free.
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Comment Re:"quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score 1) 106

"Quality of finish" includes things like whether the seam between face and sides is smooth, if edges are nicely beveled, etc. Almost everyone cares about such things in the sense that you (at minimum subconsciously) evaluate those things when you see an object for the first time. Can you tell at a glance which swag t-shirt costs $5 versus $0.50? Guess what: quality of finish makes a difference to you.

Comment Removing Microsoft's spyware. (Score 1) 402

Remove these patches. Disable the "recommended"patches in Windows update. Run another update, and if any of these return, set them to ignore.

KB 3035583 (primary nagware for Windows 10)

KB 2952664
KB 2976978
KB 2990214 (Windows 10 upgrade)
KB 3021917 (Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program)
KB 3022345
KB 3035583
KB 3044374 (Windows 10 upgrade)
KB 3068708 (update for CEIP and telemetry)
KB 3075249 (telemetry)
KB 3080149 (update for CEIP and telemetry)

Comment Re:Am I the only person... (Score 1) 188

... who still thinks being able to get a wireless internet link in an aircraft doing 600mph at 35K feet is pretty fucking amazing. I can't believe people complain about the bandwidth - they should be grateful this tech exists at all.

Yeah, but the problem is that the service offered today is exactly the same as the service that was offered in 2008. There has been basically zero progress over the course of over seven years, and the price has been steadily going up for that service.

Imagine if computers had the same capabilities, the same CPU speed, the same RAM, the same form factor, the same monitor resolutions, as they did in 2008 but cost a lot more. Who would still be buying them? (Basically the same people who buy airplane wi-fi service--business customers who have to.)

Yay, monopolies!

Comment Of Virgins and Karma (Score 1) 112

It's not as if this idea is exactly unknown, though the outfit I know of (and subscribe to) that's doing it right, Karma, now only gives 100 megabytes for free, then you have to pay for more. (Though if you use your personal referral code, anyone who buys a hotspot saves with it $10, and you get $10, too. Thanks to a couple of blog posts, I've earned nearly $400 worth of free WiFi so far.)

That being said, 100 megabytes is more than enough for someone to hook up for long enough to check his email, do a little social networking, and so on. And they give it to you at the full 4G LTE super-speed. not some super-throttled you-really-should-pay-us-if-you-want-it-faster scheme.

The one problem with the scheme is that the public nature of it means you don't get the benefit of password encryption on your WiFi. But VPNs are pretty cheap these days.

Comment Re:another vaccine (Score 1) 94

And it's not a big deal for a young healthy person to get it...

In particularly nasty flus, a young healthy immune system is more likely to trigger a cytokine storm, a potentially lethal situation. Little kids, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to survive the really bad influenzas than your average otherwise healthy person.

Comment Re:Remove KB 2952664 and what else? (Score 2) 386

Where should we put this?

What would happen if we put this on the main wiki for Windows 7?

KB 2952664 (telemetry)
KB 2990114 (telemetry)
KB 3021917 (Customer Experience Improvement Program)
KB 3022345 (telemetry)
KB 3035583 (nagware for Windows 10)
KB 3068708 (telemetry)
KB 3075249 (telemetry)
KB 3080149 (CEIP and telemetry)

Comment Remove KB 2952664 and what else? (Score 5, Informative) 386

It appears these updates are usage trackers:

KB 2952664
KB 3022345

This is the core Windows 10 update nagware:

KB 3035583

These updates should be permanently removed and ignored on well-run systems.

What other updates should be removed and banned from Windows 7/8 in the interest of privacy?

Comment Re:WIRED has it right (Score 1) 1018

The "No Award" option has been present for years, and has been used multiple times before when the majority of the voters felt that nothing in a given category merited an award this year. That's not a "slate," that's a valid voting choice people can make if they think all the nominations either suck or simply should not have been nominated. There's nothing new about it being used again now, save that so many of them happened at once. Fans sent a strong message that they will not tolerate some minority diddling with the nominations.

Even if it was a "slate," if you're going to say that the original "slate" was a valid means of nominating, the idea of an opposing "slate" being used to cancel it out should be equally valid.

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.