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Comment: Re:GPS Cameras. (Score 1) 80

by WhiteBandit (#15997804) Attached to: Flickr Launches Drag and Drop Geotagging
Geotagging would work better if cameras had GPS recievers built-in, or used a GPS equipped phone linked via bluetooth.

Why not use one? :)

I've gotten to play with them a bit. The cameras that support the GPS cards are nothing too amazing. But we are usually using them for geology field work and such to help locate where our pictures were taken when trudging through endless stretches of desert. Sues Apple Over Patent Infringement 212

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the never-saw-it-coming dept.
AWhiteFlame writes "Techdirt is reporting that has filed a lawsuit against Apple for Patent Infringement. From the article, ' is known for having patented a method for moving large pieces of content online at faster speeds [...] Last year, they approached Apple, suggesting that the company pay it 2% of iTunes' revenue. Apple then went on the offensive in January, proactively asking a judge to either invalidate Burst's patents or declare that Apple wasn't infringing. Just to make the litigation circle complete, after a few months of trying to reach a middle settlement ground, Burst has now gone ahead and sued Apple on its own.'"

Intel Unveils New Chips to Battle AMD 247

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the go-down-swinging dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Reuters is reporting that chip giant Intel hopes to get back on track in their continued market share war with AMD when they unveil a new line of chips at their upcoming twice-annual developers forum. From the article: 'AMD, once content to mimic Intel's advances, has set the technological pace in recent years with innovations such as putting two processing cores in a single chip -- moves that have helped it gobble market share from its much-larger rival.'"

Teenage Blogger Finds Gmail Hole 268

Posted by Zonk
from the not-what-i-was-doing-at-14 dept.
cpm80 wrote to mention the news that a 14 year old blogger has identified a security hole in the Gmail webmail service. From the Network World article: "He wrote that he was trying to e-mail JavaScript code from a Yahoo account to a G-mail account. The code will run in a preview pane, he wrote. But if the code is mailed from one Gmail account to another, it is filtered out, he said. Some visitors to the blog reported being able to replicate the findings, but others said later that they were not able to and that the supposed flaw had been fixed."

With your bare hands?!?