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Comment Terrorism is psychological (Score -1) 965

By definition terrorism is psychological. Its effect is overwhelming in a free capitalist society (as much as France is). The west needs to remind itself that it is Christian. It has spent 100's of years keeping the Mohammedans out, for good reason. To let them in is certain disaster, and the end of western civilization. The only solution is ending welfare for muslims and mass deportations. The EU must also make huge investments in controlling its borders and boat traffic in the Mediterranean to deny these infiltrators entry.

Comment Re:Sure... they're large enough... (Score 1) 123

Reducing staff is the intent, but so far I'm not sure it's being realized. At least for the handful of companies where I have some view into how they're using AWS, they have an awful lot of people who look like IT staff, but have been rebranded from "sysadmin" to "devops". Some are even doing pretty similar things as before, like building and maintaining OS and application images, keeping up on security issues, writing big piles of scripts to automate deployment, etc. The forms are new (Ansible scripts, VHD and Docker images, etc.), but a lot of the work looks familiar.

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