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Comment Re:can't the state do something about this? (Score 1) 66

It depends on the state and how they structure the sector, but they often have more leverage over utility companies than they would over a normal company. Utility companies typically have contracts with the state or with the state's utility districts, which at least in principle they could attach various requirements to.

Comment Doesn't need to be the end (Score -1, Interesting) 165

Europe can be fixed. First, realize that you are Christian and that the muslim colonizers wish to replace your society with their own failed ones. Fight! European Christians have fought muslim invasion for 1000 years. The war never ended. The Hungarians know that. Deny all muslims asylum, benefits, work permits, etc. They have the right to be arrested and held in camps until transportation home can be found. Next, all members must contribute to a real coast guard, and armed border guard. Obviously Greece and Italy can't handle the onslaught alone. Throw in an increase in military spending. Russia is also a lethal threat. Schengen is dead. Interstate travel should be freely allowed but not residency or work permits. They should be should be controlled by the host state. The Euro is also dead. It makes no sense for the less competitive economies of the south. Floating their own currencies will make them competitive. The end of the Euro will help reduce the political, and fiscal hegemony of Germany, the Euro's primary beneficiary.

Comment depends on what you're looking for (Score 4, Interesting) 263

For the short/medium-term future Bitcoin is really the only option if you want a cryptocurrency that you have any hope of using like a currency, to you know, exchange value with other people. The others, aka "altcoins", are mostly still at the stage of tech demos or niche experiments. Which can be fine if you find investigating that scene to be interesting as a hobby.

Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 1) 1829

You could at least mitigate #2 a bit with better #1, especially by running fewer general-interest political articles. Sure, tech news often implicates politics, and don't avoid those stories. But stuff like the recent Trump stories (e.g., e.g.) is general election-season news with only a very thin tech veneer.

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