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Comment: Re:Not trying hard enough... (Score 1) 441 441

I'm pretty sure the "4" comes from mapping the letter grades A, B, C, D, F. "A" has the most points (4) and "F" the least (0). Most of the time -- but not always -- the letter grades have already been mapped from a numerical scale or percentage, e.g., A=[90-100], B=[80-89], C=[70-79], D=[varies?], F=[can't fudge a D].

Comment: Re:Ask Slashdot question in the making... (Score 3, Interesting) 36 36

I've even heard it more-broadly stated that there are NO long-term stable lunar orbits. It's an issue for orbital debris: since (1) objects don't burn up on entry, and (2) an uncontrolled orbit is impossible to predict in the long term, therefor all lunar orbiters should be removed rather than abandoned and lunar deorbits should be targeted rather than random.

Comment: Re:Thank God... (Score 1) 286 286

My church just handed out (free!) 2013 calendars to parishoners. I was starting to worry about that Dec. 31st thing, but now I know we're good for another 12 months.

Besides, who with any business sense publishes a calendar that lasts 5000 years, and distributes it carved in stone?

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