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Comment: Working but nothing gets done! (Score 1) 1144

I am lucky enough to still be working. About half the people I work directly with were furloughed immediately. Very hard to get work done when I need their expertise and coordination. Kind of pointless to be there honestly. Yes I can catch up on some things, but most "real" work needs their assistance. Also, lost a roommate who was here for FAA class. He was sent back on that Tuesday. Gov paid for it all. Now he will not get his promotion for being certified. Also, he will have to fly back and Gov will pay for the class a second time. I lost that income as well as a roommate.

Comment: Never (Score 3, Interesting) 194

by WhatsAProGingrass (#44269893) Attached to: I use a screen protector ...
I have never used any type of phone protector and have never broken a phone. I honestly do not get how some people break screens all the time. I have dropped my phone maybe 3 times in the past 2 years. Granted any one of those drops could have broke the screen but didn't. Most people go through phones so fast, I don't see the point in protecting it more than just taking good care of it in your pocket and take it out of pocket if you are doing activities that could damage it.

Comment: Android 10 Cents (Score 1) 523

by WhatsAProGingrass (#38519472) Attached to: Why We Agonize Over Buying $1 Apps
I bought my first App off the Android Market when they were promoting there 10 Cent deal during the holidays. I thougtht to myself, now that I have put in my cc number and i'm only clicks away from buying another one, I just might. Then the next 10 Cent app I went to buy it told me to enter all my info in again so I declined to buy it. The point is, I think the 15 cent app idea would have worked for their business model.

Comment: Re:No! Lasers don't blind pilots (Score 1) 546

by WhatsAProGingrass (#34972314) Attached to: Laser Incidents With Aircraft On the Rise
It may not blind someone but have you ever had a laser pointed at your face? It makes you want to duck and close eyes and look away. If you were a pilot and a laser was pointed at you, I be your reaction would be the same. I'd think to myself "someone is pointing a gun in my face and I'm about to be shot." or at a minimum "a laser will blind me (even though it probably won't do shit) so I better duck and cover"

The World's Smallest Legible Font 280

Posted by samzenpus
from the because-he-can dept.
hasanabbas1987 writes "From the article: 'Well 'technically' they aren't the smallest fonts in the world as if they were you wouldn't be able to read even a single letter, but, you should be able to read the entire paragraph in the picture given above... we did. A Computer science professor called Ken Perlin designed these tiny fonts and you can fit 500 reasonable words in a resolution of 320 x 240 space. There are at the moment the smallest legible fonts in the world.'"

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