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Comment Baloney (Score 1) 205

Just because Apple hasn't released a TV solution beyond the AppleTV doesn't mean they are not working on it. Just because Jobs killed a TV project also doesn't mean anything. Jobs killed absolutely every project except for Pro laptops & desktops and Consumer laptops & desktops when he took over as CEO. Apple was about to collapse, they were about 4-6 weeks away from financial ruin. Drastic measures had to be taken.

Apple is the only company that can disrupt the TV/Movie industry and deliver such an experience to the regular consumer. No one else can pull it off. The problem is cutting deals with the networks and content owners. HBO is one of the first. HBO has finally realized that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on the Internet. That is because there are a hundred million plus people who wish to see it but cannot for various reasons. Most of them would pay if there was a way to do it without needing a cable or satellite contract. They have finally opened their eyes and seen the light. They can make more money selling direct worldwide then they ever could by bundling with cable and satellite. Once their sales numbers release, it will begin to make sense to other networks. They might be restricting the streaming to AppleTV and perhaps just the USA for the moment, but they should be ramping up their ability to stream to people worldwide. Because thats were the money is and that's where your customers are. Someone in South Korea, Germany, etc. should be able to connect to HBO Go and subscribe.

The level of piracy is constantly increasing and what's worse for the dinosaur media is that it is getting easier and easier and more and more user friendly. So much so that the executives for these companies should not be sleeping at night. The new consumers want the content but they want the freedom to view it on their own terms. They don't want DRM, they don't want restrictions nor barriers, they don't want annoying ads and they are willing to pay but not too much.

Comment Advantages (Score 1) 700

The primary advantage is you remove distraction and can focus on teaching one on one. If you can remain on task and have a strict schedule your child can advance very quickly. Public school classes are tailored at 3-4 levels of skill and they lump everyone together and frequently, students are left behind or worse held back if the rest of the class is not ready to advance. But if you have individual instruction you can overcome trouble spots and then accelerate the learning tailored to your child's personality and skills. For example, before you kids even reach middle school age they could be speaking and writing multiple languages. They could have advanced reading skills and be tackling algebra before they hit the 8th grade level.

It is much easier for a parent to interact with their own child then for a stranger. You know your child better than anyone. You can provide much more encouragement and when you hit a bump you can regroup and come at it in a different way to overcome the sticking point. You will know best how your child thinks.

That being said, it comes down to you as a parent being prepared to learn more than your child about teaching and about studying. If you can dive in like a Geek in a tech startup you can help your child shine like never before. Most people are capable of a lot more than we think, with the right motivation and hard work your child can exceed your wildest expectations. Certainly farther than any public or private school could take them in a classroom setting. The only way it would be better is if you hired a private tutor with exceptional skill. You must become that private tutor. So if you as a parent are not prepared for that task then it's not a good idea. It takes a lot of discipline as a home school parent.

Forget about worrying about social interaction in public school being lost. Socialize the child with friends, clubs, activities, etc. You are not locking them in the basement or joining a weird cult. Seek out a home schooling group where you can learn from more experienced parents and obtain the proper curriculum materials to meet the state requirements. Then you can exceed them as your child's education grows.

There is much to be learned, especially the old fashioned way. Children with means in the 1800's were pushed a lot harder and further than today's children. The ideas of rote memorization should not be underestimated. All the new techniques are complete bull pucky! We now know that young children have a brain that can absorb information rapidly, that ability drops as the child gets older. Start them young and you can be amazed.

Public and even private schooling is absolutely terrible in the USA. Go read up on old fashioned education and you will feel stupid indeed. Our forefathers with a classical education would mop the floor with anyone from today's generation. They would just need to become acquainted with technology advances.

Comment Re:What to do... (Score 1) 224

Oh yeah, have fun watching your credit reports like a hawk for the rest of eternity. If you do encounter any identity theft, it is practically a full time job to keep on top of it and fight back. You will need to keep all correspondence forever and you will be using a lot of registered mail. Get everything in writing. Read up on the laws that protect you from debt collectors who are not allowed to harass you. Be prepared to fight the credit bureaus to remove fraudulent items off your credit report, etc. See Clark Howard's website, he has a ton of useful information about identify theft, freezing your credit, etc.

Comment What to do... (Score 1) 224

1. Consult an attorney in person, one with the initial interview free. Consult two more attorneys as a second opinion. If she is absolutely sure she gave the correct email to the bank then you can pursue legal action. Regardless, the bank should not have sent confidential information to an email address without some form of encryption. Most banks would send a secure message via their online website, an email just notifying you there is a secure message waiting for you, etc. I don't know of any laws that require this but it is standard financial business practice in todays world if you wish to keep your client data secure.
2. You don't need a credit monitoring service but they can be convenient. It is possible to contact all three credit bureaus and freeze your credit, there may be a small fee involved. You can then thaw your credit temporarily when necessary. This will prevent identity thieves opening new lines of credit in your name. Anyone trying to do so will be blocked by the credit bureaus themselves. This is basically what LifeLock does on your behalf. LifeLock does offer additional services that may be of value.
3. Make sure all your email and major online accounts have two factor authentication.
4. Do not reuse passwords with these important online accounts

If identity thieves breach your email account they can then reset the passwords on various online accounts as they will receive the email confirmations. Two factor authentication aims to help stop this by sending a text to your cell phone with a code. Also notifying you that someone is trying to access your account or has completed account access. At the least, you know someone did something you were not expecting.

In future do not perform major banking loan operations online. I recently opened a loan and had to physically go to the bank in person, providing certain confidential information such as pay stubs, drivers license, and to sign the documents closing a loan. They refused to do this online and had no process to do it securely. I guess, I will keep this bank! When I had to refinance a mortgage, the bank was remote but they contracted with a local lawyer so I was able to go to that nearby office and sign papers till my hand cramped, then sign some more. They used a secure courier to send the documents to the bank's main office to complete the loan.

I work for a financial company and they have systems in place to perform secure email. An email is sent with an encrypted attachment. The email connects back to the server. The user authenticates and the attachment is decrypted via public/private key pair on the web page. They cannot forward this email, it can only be opened by the original recipient. The encryption certificate expires and the data is wiped after 30 days. The recipient would have to print or save the content to keep it. If an employee tries to email confidential information it is forwarded through the secure email system that then encrypts the data and replies back to the employee informing them of the policy of never using email to send confidential information and that their email was sent securely on their behalf. The incident is logged and both IT security, Risk Management, Compliance and the employees manager is notified of the infraction. Remedial training would be implemented.Repeat infractions are investigated.

A financial reputation is critical in todays world. For a company to do business in an insecure manner is a major red flag. I would switch banks. Hope the loan wasn't completed...

Comment Low blow (Score 1) 681

The tweet like previous tweets was a snarky comment meant as a dig against Christians. It annoyed me when I read it. His explaination is not an apology. Am I offended? At first I was but the Bible stresses us not to take offense.

While watching Cosmos I enjoyed most of it till he attacked Christianity now and then. Carl Sagan wasn't a Christian but he didn't attack Christianity. I mean if you are an Athiest why bother? Much of science is theory and only some of it can be proven. To attack and make fun of those who you consider fools only to raise yourself is not an admirable trait. I don't know what Neil's problem with Christians is but he's got a serious anger issue. He has a deep seated hatred for the Christian God. That is usually due to a deep loss of a loved one after spending a lot of time in prayer. It is for that reason I pity Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He carries a spiritual wound. Why else would he care so much what the Christians believe and why attack them? Same goes for those nativity scene attacks and the distorted belief in separation of church and state. Who cares if there's a nativity scene on the town square for a few weeks or if there's a Ten Commandments in the court house?

Comment Stop Resisting Arrest (Score 1) 368

Stop resisting arrest and you won't force the police to use violence. Be calm and surrender. That way you don't get wrestled to the ground, beaten with batons, tased or shot. Don't point a weapon at an officer and refuse their lawful order to put down the gun or you will get shot. Show the police the respect they deserve and don't mouth off and get angry. Police have to deal with the worst kind of people on a daily basis you certainly don't want to push their buttons.

It's not a race thing even a white lady had a bad experience, she's trying to sue United Airlines for 5 million because on the last leg of a journey to an Alaska ski trip she antagonized the stewardesses more than a couple times and the pilot forced her off the plane. The Seattle police boarded the craft and calmly asked this lady to come quietly or you'll be arrested. Nope, she had to have an attitude and that's when they cuffed her and dragged her off the plane, tearing her jeans in the process. Then they booked her and she was stuck in jail over the weekend. My guess is she hit the bar waiting for this flight and was drunk. She tried to lay down in more expensive seats as well as an exit row. She was obviously belligerent with the flight crew. Now she didn't get shot but she didn't pull out a gun nor did she seriously pose a threat to the officers.


Comment May Day? (Score 1) 224

1st of May (May Day) is also known as the Communist International Workers Day! Communism is a far Left belief and Socialism is not far removed in ideaology. So which party does this PAC support? Can you say the Democrats? Hmm...

Food for thought? NAZI = Nationalist Socialist Party in German. They were Socialist Fascists. Started with organized thugs (brown shirts) violent intimidation then when in power gun control and healthcare were just the beginning. The weak, mentally ill, elderly, disabled, violent criminals (defectives), etc. were euthanized for the benefit of the State but the people were told they were humanely put out of their misery and were better off. Those with guns were registered and rounded up as a result. Enemies disappeared.

Let's not forget what can happen if we let the "useful idiots" have their way. Evil is real. The Democrats have moved very far to the Left. It is no longer your fathers Party. Obama is a Socialist and he has shown Fascist tendencies. Wake up! JFK would not agree with today's Democrats!

Comment Energy Independence Means (Score 1, Informative) 334

Yes, it's true. We are currently producing more oil than Saudi Arabia! But we are far from being independent.

We need to do several things to be truly energy independent:

1. Set standards on gasoline, there are way too many formulas that vary state to state
2. Determine how many refineries we need (haven't built any new refineries for 30+ years).
3. Determine the best locations for the refineries (logistics of incoming raw crude and outgoing fuels)
4. Free up government land for oil drilling and fracking
5. Build pipelines to transport oil cheaply (XL Pipeline needs to happen, Canada is a huge ally and trust worthy)
6. Stop the Greens agenda, the Caribou won't be bothered by oil drilling in Alaska, that's just silly (saw video, hundreds of square miles of nothing but tundra)
6a. Hey, Caribou tastes real good and it's fully of Omega 3's and low in fat. Setup a nomadic ranch herding permit system and let's start selling MacBou Burgers!
7. Oil and Energy Independence needs to be considered a matter of National Security and as such should trump saving the Spotted Squirrel or any other endangered species that really wouldn't be impacted in reality!

There is no reason we shouldn't be paying $1.25 per gallon for gasoline. Don't give me that electric car bullshit either. You're charging you car using energy from coal so you ain't doing any favors using a toy battery car. Also those batteries are bad for the environment and will have to be recycled properly and that's expensive. Build more nuclear power plants. Wind and Solar don't work, at least not at the scale we really need not to mention they both kill birds! We have lots and lots of oil and coal and natural gas resources. More than we ever thought we had years ago. There are even more resources under the polar caps. There is no shortage and there won't be for hundreds of years. By then we should have figured out fusion and then the problems are truly solved.

Comment Re:Confucius say: (Score 1) 355

I have a customer with a MacPro (PowerPC). He can't upgrade the OS anymore since the Intel switch but its working still and is as fast as ever. The machine is 12 years old and still humming along. Sure he spent a lot of money on it but he's gotten his money's worth! In the past he would buy cheapo systems such as those retail discount PC's that are practically obsolete and cut a lot of corners to keep the price down. They would slow down to a crawl in a year, get infected with gobs of malware and then the hardware would fail and he'd buy a new one. The money he spent on all his previous computers exceeds what he spent on one Mac Pro and the life of the Mac Pro exceeded all the old systems. So in the long run he's saved a lot of money. This guy is very cheap, he's complaining about having to upgrade even after 12 years. I tried to explain that the system is way too old and its time to consider an upgrade. But he'll run this thing till it goes snap crackle pop and the magic blue smoke pours out. He's also had two hard disk failures but Time Machine saved his bacon. Within 2-3 hours he was up and running like nothing happened each time. That includes the drive time to Best Buy to pickup a new hard disk! When the MacPro finally bites the dust, he'll likely get an iMac as they have come a long long way from what they were 12 years ago. Also he saved countless hours of tech support and many dollars on AV upgrades and subscriptions. Sure he's got a few questions now and then but it's not really a problem. I just spoke with him last night and his problem was that Comcast was bouncing up and down including his TV service. No problems with the Mac.

Comment It is downright shameful... (Score 1) 164

The developers, artists, and even the QA staff love their jobs and work very hard. It is the evil publishing companies with bad management and evil treatment of the staff that needs to change. Publish a new game and lay-off 75% of the staff. The creatives quit and move on. Happens all the time. How anyone would want to work in the game industry is a wonder, if they do work in the industry many quit after the first ship-date.

The indie market is different. I am talking about the mainstream classic game publishers.

Comment I crashed a Marriott's network with 150 iPads (Score 3, Informative) 285

I deployed 150 iPads to a group at a business conference at a large Marriott hotel. We crashed the entire hotel network about 5 times. Right before we ran a video conference out of the country, we had to disable the wireless access points to make sure it didn't crash again during the video conference. They do suck bandwidth. I believe many were running Netflix and YouTube and goofing off during the meetings sucking up tremendous bandwidth. They were supposed to be running WebEx which was plenty heavy on the bandwidth. I can imagine the school is sharing bandwidth with other schools and they didn't consider how much bandwidth they needed. We knew we were going to pound the hotels network but they were unwilling for us to have Verizon install a network for our use. We had to use the hotel network which was outsourced to a rink dink vendor.

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