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Comment Waste of Money (Score 1) 46

I don`t see a company spending money on an expensive robot receptionist that will wear out and break down, when they can simply install a large LED display, connected to a web cam, that shows an animated image instead.

Comment Re:Asking to avoid it is the reason to require it (Score 1) 278

Seconded. I have a benign tumour in the left side of my head (acoustic neuroma) that was detected many years ago. It has not changed in size in over a decade (verified by regular MRI's) and so far has not caused me any grief. If it did start growing, one method to stop it would be to zap it with gamma radiation; however, that carries the risk that the tumour then turns malignant. So if I'm ever forced to go through one of those "death ray boxes" I'll tell the TSA agent my cancer-risk story and see where that leads.

Comment Re:True enough (Score 3, Interesting) 519

There are many reasons for targetting Paris. It's a world-class city, it's streets are alive with locals and tourists, giving gunmen lots of easy targets. The French are very proud of their history as standard-bearers of liberty and freedom, ideals detested by fanatics that treat women like dirt and anyone that does agree with them as candidates for death. And France itself does not have clean hands. Its colonialist past, most recently in Algeria, resulted in a lot of carnage back home.

Comment Cage Match: Cable vs Streaming (Score 2) 153

We have one cable drop with a PVR in our family room, and our service is for the most basic cable package you can get. It's connected to a Samsung TV with some streaming capability (Netflix and a couple other services). This month I'm putting a second TV in our basement rec room and hooking up an Apple TV to deliver content. In six month's time I will ask everyone in the family (four of us) to give me a good reason why we need to keep the cable service. I'm predicting I'll be cutting the coax next summer.

Comment Re:"More Guns" is flawed (Score 1) 1165

As a Canadian, who has never touched a gun let alone owned or fired one, I disagree. I feel that every citizen of the United States should be issued a handgun, regardless of age, criminal background or mental capacity. After all, if you are not fit to defend yourself against someone armed with a Glock, even though you have a Glock of your own, then perhaps the US isn't the country for you and you should move somewhere else. Then the controversy over Second Amendment rights would disappear. As an added bonus, you would save lots of money on prisons and police forces - local vigilantes would maintain law and order - and unemployment rates would improve as there would be fewer people competing for jobs. I could also see children marking their kills on the sides of their lunch buckets, and future presidential candidates boasting about how many times they successfully defended themselves against would-be assassins. I'm sure the gun manufacturers and NRA would be fully on-board with this idea. How about it, America? Here's your chance to be that "shining beacon of light" to the rest of the world that I'm always hearing about!

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 1291

I'm already contributing my own money. My taxes go toward funding social assistance programs and universal health care (I'm Canadian), and my federal pension contributions help fund the program that ensure an income for seniors. While I haven't collected welfare or unemployment insurance in my lifetime (53 years) I will likely collect a government pension (and have part of it clawed back because I earn more from my private pensions). What will happen under a basic income system is that some of my tax and payroll contributions will be diverted away from funding a court system that spends an inordinate amount of time and effort going after petty crimes committed by the poor. I'm not naive enough to believe it will all work like magic, but to think that it needs an entirely "net new" source of funding is not fair. What will kill the idea is our shitty attitude toward our fellow human being, that inner reptile part of us that marks its territory and hisses at anyone who dare to get too close. It's that "us versus them" or "you're with us or you're against us" bullshit that divides mankind and pits the tribes against each other.

Comment Re:It is what it is (Score 2, Insightful) 332

Of course we can never know for sure if Japan would have surrendered without the bombs, but that in itself is a false dichotomy. A demonstration of the bomb, with Japanese military officials invited to see it, was considered by the US. It's hard to justify why that was not even tried first, before moving directly to the bombing of civilians.

How about vengeance, for Pearl Harbor (2,400 dead), Okinawa (14,000 dead), Iwo Jima (6,800 dead), etc?

It was war. Three years of watching young men come home in coffins will harden anyone's soul.

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