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Comment: All your cookers are belong to us (Score 2) 167

by What Goes Around (#39078825) Attached to: Making a Better Solar Cooker
Sorry. Couldn't resist after seeing the following comment here

Re: Ten solar cookers that work at night
Hi I has been worked for a better new solar cooker, These schemes seems applicable,i am interested to see their details, Please send them to my email : thanks

Comment: Return to the Future (Score 1) 110

by What Goes Around (#7055553) Attached to: Red Herring Comes Back
I personally am glad that they are back. Yes they were arrogant when they could afford to be, but they still had a valuable angle on the investment scene. Also from the perspective of someone in technology interested in seeking funding, which I was two years ago, one could glean a lot of the trends, the players, as well as do's and don'ts. Reading Red Herring beat the heck out of Motley Fool, TheStreet, CBS Marketwatch and most other investment sites in this way. And it was just out and out more interesting to me. Lastly, I find it heartening in some way to see sites from the good old days return from the dead. Welcome back!

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