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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Implements HTTP/2 Support 122 122

jones_supa writes: As part of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Internet Explorer will introduce HTTP/2 support, along with performance improvements to the Chakra JavaScript engine, and a top-level domains parsing algorithm based on publicsuffix.org. HTTP/2 is a new standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Unlike HTTP/1.1, the new standard communicates metadata in binary format to significantly reduce parsing complexity. While binary is usually more efficient than text, the real performance gains are expected to come from multiplexing. This is where multiple requests can be share the same TCP connection. With this, one stalled request won't block other requests from being honored. Header compression is another important performance concern for HTTP.

Comment Re:just now? (Score 1) 398 398

In the case of my car, a Mitsubishi Lancer:
  • To unlock the door, the key needs to be within 2 feet of the handle, same with the trunk
  • To start the car, the key needs to be inside
  • If you try to lock the doors (by pressing the button on the door handle, while the key is inside, it beeps and the door won't lock

Comment Re:Most Transparent Administration Ever (Score 4, Funny) 107 107

From TFA:

I wanted to get back to you on some of the more pressing issues...probably the most important of which is REDACTED."
This goes on for an entire page. It's a gray box of nothing.

They are a bit more transparent than before, they are using gray boxes instead of black to redact text.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 521 521

I sometime get that urge but only because all the trackpads I used on PC laptops were crap and/or the size of a postage stamp. A nice size trackpad like the one on Mac laptops or the standalone Apple trackpad makes it unnecessary. Logitech made one for Windows 8 that seems usable as well.

I prefer not to have finger marks on my laptop. Although, strangely enough, it doesn't bother me on the iPad. Possibly because it's easier to orient it so that the marks are not too apparent.

Comment Re:Fantastic first impressions (Score 2) 368 368

I like the way Gmail implements their classification scheme, i.e. tagging, better than folders. With folders you're restricted to a tree structure but tagging allows you to classify an email in several categories by adding different tags.

What I ended up doing with my emails at work (in Outlook) was to put every old emails into a single folder to be able to use search.

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