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Comment: Re:How to read f*ucked up code (Score 1) 303

by pla (#49785471) Attached to: How Much C++ Should You Know For an Entry-Level C++ Job?
Other than "type var[size];" there is no primitive array type

I agree with most of what you said, but this one stumps me. You've just defined a primitive array - An array named var of type type and size size. Other than its... well, primitiveness (no fancy default conversions, no memory management, no overloads to deal with it as a whole), what about that syntax do you object to?

Comment: Re:Why ext4 (Score 1) 226

by pla (#49745807) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Has a File-System Corruption Problem, RAID Users Warned
Perhaps, but my point was more that if you want to grow ZFS this is the ONLY way to actually do it, as far as I'm aware. You can't add individual drives to individual "vdevs."

You can replace all the drives in the array with bigger ones, resilvering after each replacement, and when you get to the last one, poof, you magically have a bigger pool. I certainly won't claim that as terribly efficient, though. :)

It has its shortcomings, no doubt. But compared to old-school RAID or even LVM, it takes a huge step forward.

Comment: Re:Why ext4 (Score 1) 226

by pla (#49744171) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Has a File-System Corruption Problem, RAID Users Warned
I will readily admit that as a "shortcoming" of ZFS, but honestly, I don't quite see any obvious use cases for it. On the short term (months), I've only ever needed to *add* storage, never remove it.

On the longer term (years), I have found that I go back and forth on how many drives I need, but when I do eventually upgrade my home NAS to bigger and better hardware, I don't even try to salvage old drives 1/10th the size of modern ones - I bring up the new system, with however many brand new drives I consider appropriate, and clone the old one to the new one.

Comment: Re:Why ext4 (Score 1) 226

by pla (#49743283) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Has a File-System Corruption Problem, RAID Users Warned
Ext4 should in theory be the best choice. It's widely used and has a large enterprise support. Lots of business people get angry if it does not work properly.

On a modern system with multiple disks you want to configure as some variety of soft-RAID, ZFS hands-down counts as the clear best choice (short of going for a "cluster" FS). It allows an arbitrary number of extra parity drives (think "RAID 8"), as well as arbitrarily many hot spares; it quickly and easily recovers from having someone pull out all your drives, shuffle them around, and put them back in (for a more real-world version of that - Ever updated your BIOS only to find all your drives remapped?); it detects and (usually) corrects corrupted files; it supports online snapshotting and snapshot exporting to another; it uses dynamically sized storage pools rather than fixed "partitions", and can even grow the underlying total available space.

Comment: Re:Lighter socket in a positive-ground vehicle (Score 1) 826

by pla (#49738655) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax
Then reverse the wires going to the receptacle. An ANSI/SAE J563 receptacle in a positive-ground vehicle would have -12 to -15 V on the can and ground on the tip.

Great idea! Well, right up until whatever you plug in touches anything metal in your car, of course. Then at least you'll have a more exciting day...

Comment: Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 826

by pla (#49738563) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax
an old diesel would be taxed more than a new Euro-5 compliant one.

Believe it or not, the biggest proponents of mile-vs-gallon based taxes in the US have exactly the opposite intent of what you describe.

Some people feel that a gallon-based tax "unfairly" punishes them for spewing 5x more pollution than someone driving an efficient modern hybrid. And don't even get them started on those bastards driving EVs.

Comment: Re:More hoops before travelling through USA (Score 1) 200

by pla (#49682687) Attached to: Judge: Warrantless Airport Seizure of Laptop 'Cannot Be Justified'
I believe the correct response to extremist right wing guff like this is "fuck off to Somalia then you retard".

As a liberal, do you actually approve of your tax dollars funding the killing of brown people on the other side of the planet because something something terrorism ?

Comment: "Pay us to fix our own defects"??? (Score 1, Offtopic) 59

by pla (#49676171) Attached to: New MakerBot CEO Explains Layoffs and the Company's New Vision
download the file, pay $3.49 for it, and print it at home

Umm, no, nice try - I don't pay the original manufacturer to fix their own defective merchandise for them. I would expect them to host files like that entirely for free, the same way PC hardware makers currently let you download drivers.

Of course, I don't actually expect them to do so; but that matters not at all, since countless other sources will.

Comment: Re:More hoops before travelling through USA (Score 4, Insightful) 200

by pla (#49676091) Attached to: Judge: Warrantless Airport Seizure of Laptop 'Cannot Be Justified'
If you want to arrive unmolested you might try not taking part in an ongoing criminal conspiracy.

Unfortunately, I pay taxes in the US, thereby providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Easy to say "just don't do it", not so easy to spend a few years in Club Fed for resisting the IRS' annual shake-down.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 202

by pla (#49665709) Attached to: Study Reveals Wikimedia Foundation Is 'Awash In Money'
(* 25 * $2.5M = $62.5M, $62.5M - $53M (the amount they already have) = $9.5M still needed)

Try another $522M - The FP's "$2.5 million" counts as an extremely misleading number from someone with an obvious agenda. That $2.5 million literally only covers bandwidth and electricity; WMF actually has an annual budget of almost 10x that, $23M.

Okay, so you're saying that Wikipedia will raise another $9.5 million* and then stop, right? If they do that, then I won't complain.

Would they stop begging for donations if someone handed them a check for half a billion tomorrow? I can't say even if they should... That would depend on whether they have aspirations to make the WMF something even bigger and currently just don't have the funding to take it to the next level. If not, then yes, I'd like to think they would invest it and operate off the proceeds.

Realistically though, it amounts to a moot point. They won't ever reach that level of funds in reserve; but the closer they get, the more their investment yield reduces the need for immediate donations on a quarterly basis.

Comment: Re:Missing The Point! (Score 1) 950

which should focus not only on biology and safety, but also on emotions, physical contact and romantic relationships.

Yeah, that will certainly encourage boys to turn down what they perceive as a superior good (porn). Let's make them directly confront aspects of sexuality that even adult males try to minimize, in a context with the highest potential to lead to embarrassment in front of their peer group, at an age when they still haven't even figured out the basic logic of "to date a girl, ask her out".

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