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Comment: Re:NP vs. P doesn't exist in the real Universe (Score 1) 199

by Wescotte (#46667337) Attached to: P vs. NP Problem Linked To the Quantum Nature of the Universe

There's nothing saying some sort of natural process can't do something NP-hard fast, as long as it doesn't do it in some way we'd call computation.

This reminds me of a video where they use soapy water to solve Motorway/Steiner problem. Anybody else know of any other problems that can be solved using physics rather than computation?

Comment: Re:Model Worship (Score 5, Interesting) 76

I would argue that professional baseball is ripe for statistical analysis because they play tons of games per season and players have very long careers. College basketball play very few game per year and the players are out after four years no matter what. You probably just don't have enough data to find anything meaningful before the team is comprised of completely new players rendering your data useless.

Comment: Re:Nothing about colour accuracy? (Score 1) 222

by Wescotte (#45214293) Attached to: OS X 10.9 Mavericks Review

I think there were some legitimate gripes about FCPX at launch. Things like no XML support, no support for tape media, and no backwards compatibility with older projects. Third parties had to release applications solve most of these problems and they weren't available for quite some time.

However, I agree that people bitching about how FCPX is just iMovie on steriods because of the new UI probably are just overly resistant to change. From the little I've seen it has some very nice features and should make big mistakes harder to do as well as managing media significantly easier.

+ - Studying the Slow Decay of a Laptop Battery for an Entire Year->

Submitted by jradavenport
jradavenport (3020071) writes "I've been keeping a log of the health of my MacBook Air battery for the past year, taking samples every minute I use the computer (152,411 readings so far!). This has allowed me to study both my own computing/work habits, but also the fascinating rapid decay of battery capacity. Comparing it to my previous 2009 MacBook Pro, the battery in this 2012 Air is degrading much faster."
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