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by Wescotte (#47429651) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

Are you aware of any games with fixed set of rules/movements that can't use an IBM like strategy (looking up known games combined with brute force) to beat a human? What about games that have rules that can evolve while you play? I assume adding a random element, like having to roll dice, can lead to no win situations for some pretty simply games though.

Comment: I prefer honesty than their old methods... (Score 1) 202

by Wescotte (#46822989) Attached to: Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

Several years back Netflix scammed me into paying more for their service. The rising costs of fuel just made sense they had to do it but I was upset with the tactic they used and wish they were just honest about it. Their service was still way cheaper than renting locally and they had started to add more value with the streaming content. I'm sure somebody crunched the numbers and made a decision that deception was probably result in retaining more costumers but it still doesn't sit well with me.

About five years ago now they started putting up ads to upgrade your plan for a really low rate. If I remember correctly it was under $1 to upgrade my 4-disc plan to 5-disc. It turns out the rate change listed was the cost for the only remainder of the billing period and the actual cost of the upgrade was closer to $10. However, this information wasn't given to you until AFTER you finalized the upgrade. I didn't want to pay that much for just one disc so I downgraded back to my 4-disc plan but the current 4-disc rate was more expensive (around $5 more) than what I was paying currently paying. I contacted them about this and was told I could not get my old rate back.

I didn't press the issue and maybe I could have gotten them to cave if I threatened to cancel since I had been a subscriber for nearly 10 years at this point. However, I was also guilty of kinda scamming them too... Their mail service was significantly slower when it first started and it wasn't uncommon to send a disc back and have to wait more than four days to have it marked received in order for your next queue item to ship taking another 3+ days to finally get the disc. I learned you could just click the "sent back already" button (any time after they marked a disc as shipped) which would cause the next movie in the queue to ship. At first I would do it just when it was taking unusually long but I admit a few times I didn't want to wait and clicked it the same day they shipped discs allowing me to have 8 discs out on my 4 disc plan. It took them a year to prevent you from taking advantage of this little trick. In the end I called it even and downgraded to a 2-disc plan and am still a Netflix customer and their service is still valuable to me. I can justify paying a little more for and increased streaming library and original content.

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There's nothing saying some sort of natural process can't do something NP-hard fast, as long as it doesn't do it in some way we'd call computation.

This reminds me of a video where they use soapy water to solve Motorway/Steiner problem. Anybody else know of any other problems that can be solved using physics rather than computation?

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I would argue that professional baseball is ripe for statistical analysis because they play tons of games per season and players have very long careers. College basketball play very few game per year and the players are out after four years no matter what. You probably just don't have enough data to find anything meaningful before the team is comprised of completely new players rendering your data useless.

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I think there were some legitimate gripes about FCPX at launch. Things like no XML support, no support for tape media, and no backwards compatibility with older projects. Third parties had to release applications solve most of these problems and they weren't available for quite some time.

However, I agree that people bitching about how FCPX is just iMovie on steriods because of the new UI probably are just overly resistant to change. From the little I've seen it has some very nice features and should make big mistakes harder to do as well as managing media significantly easier.

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