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Comment Need a new way to certify those MPG numbers (Score 2) 131

We need a better way to really make the execs accountable. I'd suggest locking the CEO in an airtight warehouse with their new, running auto for 1 hour, with the initial oxygen/air-quality conditions set such that if the auto meets the advertised spec then there's just barely enough fresh air to survive.

I mean, execs keep track of everything that goes on under their umbrella (so they'd never step into a failing test), right?

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 1) 585

Citation please.

It's the religion clause of the first amendment, but it's definitely a freedom-of-expression issue:

I wish this was only a fringe issue by a few small-minded people, but it's fairly widespread.

(or fails to condemn their brethren who do).

Hmm, how many republican 2016-presidential-wannabees have condemned groups pushing for an amendment like the above?

Comment Re:Don't trust the gov to use good technical solut (Score 1) 470

The worst part are all the relatively smart people who are excusing this, simply because she has a (D) after her name. All I have to say, is if this were Jeb, he would be in jail already.

No, if it was Jeb there'd just be a different set of relatively smart people excusing it because of the (R) after his name. Bipartisan partisan hackery is a two-sided coin.

Comment Get a divorce. (Score 1) 842

I know, but here me out before you judge. A windfall would free up my wife to know she wouldn't be working a low-wage job until she's 60+ just to keep the health insurance, and it would free me to not have to give up my dreams due to having to pay alimony.

Money can't buy happiness by itself, but this would free both of us up to do the kind of things that can bring happiness, even if we're not doing those things together.

Comment The Problem? (Score 1) 70

The Amiibo's poor storage situation is the problem? I thought the real problem was that we have to buy Amiibo's to unlock game functionality, after buying the game itself. There's something messed up with needing a few hundred dollars worth of plastic just to get the advertised gameplay.

Comment Re:So people without or unable to have kids get ho (Score 2) 418

"My wife and I aren't sick, but Chuck is. If I work at $company I'm now stuck paying for Chuck's medical bills, via insurance premiums."

"My wife and I don't exercise at the office gym, but Chuck does. If I work at $company I'm now stuck picking up Chuck's work load while he exercises."

"My wife and I bike to work, but Chuck drives. If I work at $company I'm now stuck paying for a parking lot for Chuck, via decreased salary because they had to budget for it."


Comment Why ban? (Score 4, Interesting) 204

Instead of banning them, give people a settable-but-not-clearable checkbox:
- "I won't cheat", if you're caught then you're subject to a ban
- "I might/will cheat", fine, but you can't run multiplayer with others who won't

Heck, go one step simpler- no checkbox, but if you're caught cheating you can only go multiplayer with others who were caught. But the flag clears itself after 'X' amount of "time served".

Comment Re:'Hidden city' explanation (Score 5, Insightful) 126

The airlines don't like this, because if you book NY to LA, they can no longer sell the Chicago to LA seat

What do you mean? They did sell that seat: to me, as part of a trip I paid for, and at the price they thought was fair. If I choose to not use part of what I paid for, well, I still paid for it.

The airline's complaint would be like me going to a restaurant, ordering the steak&potatoes but only eating the steak, and the restaurant complaining this should be illegal because they could've made more money selling the (wasted) potatoes to someone else.

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