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Comment Powerful enough CPUs? (Score 2) 56 56

If the CPU in the IoT Device is powerful enough to make offloading actually worthwhile, isn't that CPU way overkill for the IoT Device's primary function?

I can't imagine a lot of companies putting more powerful (that is, more expensive) chips than is necessary to run the device itself.

Comment Why ban? (Score 4, Interesting) 204 204

Instead of banning them, give people a settable-but-not-clearable checkbox:
- "I won't cheat", if you're caught then you're subject to a ban
- "I might/will cheat", fine, but you can't run multiplayer with others who won't

Heck, go one step simpler- no checkbox, but if you're caught cheating you can only go multiplayer with others who were caught. But the flag clears itself after 'X' amount of "time served".

Comment Re:Need the pop up ad revenue? Doing it wrong.... (Score 1) 618 618

I'll be honest.... I won't shed a tear if a good 50 or 60% of the existing web sites die off, due to lack of revenue generation.

Wouldn't your tear-sheding kind of depend on which 50-60% die off? Eg, I'd be pretty upset if slashdot disappeared...

Comment Re:'Hidden city' explanation (Score 5, Insightful) 126 126

The airlines don't like this, because if you book NY to LA, they can no longer sell the Chicago to LA seat

What do you mean? They did sell that seat: to me, as part of a trip I paid for, and at the price they thought was fair. If I choose to not use part of what I paid for, well, I still paid for it.

The airline's complaint would be like me going to a restaurant, ordering the steak&potatoes but only eating the steak, and the restaurant complaining this should be illegal because they could've made more money selling the (wasted) potatoes to someone else.

Comment Re:More liberal than libertarian (Score 2) 580 580

libertarians have a big problem with vaccines

Watch it with the broad brush there, sparky. In the words of Frederic Bastiat:

"every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. ...

Touche, broad brush indeed.

Comment Re:Unions, a case study. (Score 2) 323 323

Result after unions:
... where the petty minded rulers feel like you slighted them means you will never work as a coder again because other union shops are told not to work with you

What's this have to do with unions? Do non-union industries have some mystical property that makes hiring-managers inherently non-petty?

Comment obtain a warrant? (Score 2) 354 354

"I like and believe very much that we should have to obtain a warrant from an independent judge to be able to take the contents," FBI Director James Comey told reporters.

Had "obtain a warrant" been their approach leading up to now, maybe encryption-everywhere wouldn't be gaining traction.

Comment Re:PCs are the problem (Score 1) 111 111

That and credit card companies are too fucking cheap to switch to chip and pin. The only reason the rest of world switched was because the companies were forced to. Not in the good old USA.

I think that's changing, maybe the mess is finally more expensive than a preemptive fix.

My bank cancelled+replaced my credit card last week (without warning: they said it was because the # was recently reported stolen, I'm guessing it was the local supermarket chain but they won't say), and the replacement has chip and pin. I didn't ask for it, they didn't ask me, they just did it. Of course, it's a no-brainer for them if the cost of a safer card is footed by a compromised retailer.

Comment Re:why wait? (Score 5, Insightful) 273 273

I think he might have had a few more people on his side if he would have said this from day one.

Maybe he anticipated how they would try to play the game?

Snowden: I have docs showing ...
NSA: no you don't
Snowden: here they are
NSA: ok, but you should've worked within the system
Snowden: I told 10 people in the system
<--- where we are today
NSA: no you didn't
Snowden: here's who I told and when ...
NSA: ok, but <another attempt to change the focus to Snowden...>

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