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Comment Re:Still need the original FLA (Score 1) 158

At that point, it just becomes a decision by the user of whether they're willing to pirate an older version of Creative Suite, or download a free HTML5 development app. Legal-free beats pirate-free any day, so that's one area where HTML5 could still catch up.

Agreed in principle. But when is it likely to catch up? Which "free HTML5 development app" is comparable in features and polish to a preowned copy of Flash CS or even Flash MX? "Use a text editor" has no timeline.

Comment Double Action 53 for NES: now available (Score 1) 158

When even the authors don't care enough to port their stuff to HTML5 you can be confident that yours is a niche concern.

Are you implying that the public should have honored Franz Kafka's request to burn his manuscripts after his death? Because destroying a work once "the authors don't care enough" about it anymore is similar.

You might as well be arguing that the video game industry should still develop for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I contributed two games and the menu to this NES collaboration released in 2015.

Proprietary platforms are always at risk of being ended by the proprietor

Prior to widespread support for <canvas> and <audio>, for what non-proprietary platform should these authors have created these vector animations instead of Flash Player?

Comment Re:F Yeah Seeking (Score 1) 158

And how many Flash productions present that ability to the user?

I have no resources to perform an exact count.

And what about Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4? They are the most popular consoles currently.

PC is more popular than those put together. Besides, PS3's browser supports at least some version of Flash Player since 2.5. I'll grant that Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 would need the author to convert the Flash to HTML5.

Comment When the recording copyright expires first (Score 3, Informative) 37

The copyright treaties define a shorter minimum copyright term for sound recordings than for other kinds of works. In some countries, if a song is written and recorded in the same year, the copyright in the composition expires 50 years after the death of the last surviving songwriter, but the copyright in the sound recording expires far earlier: 50 years after publication. This means someone can lawfully make and sell copies of any pre-1965 musical recording in those countries for only the cost of a license to the composition.

The United States is one huge exception. It applies the same 95-year copyright term to recordings published in 1972 or later as it does to any other work made for hire published in the same year. It also applies state copyright to pre-1972 sound recording copyright, and state copyright isn't subject to the "for limited Times" wording of the copyright clause of its constitution. Federal law has set a date after which state copyright must expire, but that's in 2067 to give them the equivalent of one full federal copyright term after the introduction of federal sound recording copyright.

Comment Slashdot uses Arial and VW uses VAG (Score 1) 119

Anyhow, the problem that I have with sans-serif fonts is that they look childish.

From Slashdot's CSS: body { margin: 0; font:13px/1.5 Arial,sans-serif; background: rgb(204,204,204);} Or is Slashdot likewise childish? Is Volkswagen's branding childish?

That's what you see in books for children, when they are learning to read.

That's not what I remember seeing for the text in The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. It looks like Times.

Comment What HTML5 already has (Score 1) 158

Oh god.. it's another "HTML5 will have that soon" post. Give me a break.

Let me make it clearer: HTML5 already has data URIs. HTML5 already has WOFF subsetting and the ability to link in a third-party text engine written in JavaScript. You already have the protection afforded to you by international copyright.

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