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by hairyfeet (#47921225) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

THIS, this right here, is what royally pisses me off with the "Linux is ready for the desktop" crowd, because its fucking trivial to show that even the most basic consumer hardware just DOES NOT WORK while basic common sense features, like having a way to roll back drivers when an update hoses them or roll back the system when something goes wrong, that Windows has had for a decade and a fricking half just do not exist. I mean how bad would the FOSSies be laughing if you had to wipe and reinstall Windows every year to year and a half just to get the latest security updates? Well I get that trotted out as a viable "solution" to the fact that no Linux distro can pass the Hairyfeet challenge, which boils down to "get 5 years worth of updates without shitting yourself". Last time I saw that level of shitty in Windows was WinME!

And its sad but I realized years ago that most security problems, both on and offline, could be solved by merely applying the "douchebag rule". Act like the world is filled with vicious trolling POSes that will do something nasty even when they don't gain from it? Watch your issues disappear. Its sad that we have come to that point but we have so many worthless excuses for human beings with nothing better to do than cause grief and misery because they can that this is the world we live in. Hell did you see that article in yahoo about SWAT kicking down the door of a COD player and coming within a hair of killing the kid? Turned out somebody he beat online got butthurt and deciding to call SWAT on him just to be a giant fucking prick, THAT is the world we live in now.

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by hairyfeet (#47921027) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Bono is a douchebag hypocrite who says that somebody who downloads a song on P2P should be given jail time while he has no problem with his band ripping off other artists wholesale. See "U2 rips off song" in any search engine to find more examples than I can count.

I have found being a fucking hypocrite can generate more hatred than pretty much anything else and seeing how fucking reviled Bono is I'd say his hypocrisy must rub a lot of folks the wrong way. If U2 disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow? I'd have no problem with that and the music scene would probably be a better place.

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by HornWumpus (#47920755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

Not all discrimination is bad. Racial discrimination is bad. As is discriminating on any irrelevant criteria.

But crackhead discrimination is just smart. BA discrimination is closer to crackhead discrimination then racial.

The only rigorous liberal arts school remaining is 'The University of Chicago'. The rest have bought into relativism and it's whole constellation of bullshit.

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by tepples (#47920271) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

Pretty much any independent computer shop will toss together an OS-less machine upon request

I'm aware of independent computer shops that build desktops, but none that build laptops. And the problem with mail-ordering a laptop is the risk of having to deal with a screen and keyboard that look and feel unergonomic.

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by HornWumpus (#47920225) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

IF CS has the same math requirement for a BA and a BS it is the only science that does so. A BA in a science tell me you took the science, without any math or science.

It should be noted that math requirements for CS vary widely. Some places let them get by with calc for business majors, others make them take the full Engineering/hard science calc sequence.

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