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Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 306

I have no idea if you're old enough to remember the "Turbo" buttons on late '80s/early '90s machines. With "Turbo" off, they'd run at 8MHz for compatibility mode. With it on, they'd run anywhere from 25MHz to a blazing 66MHz!!!!

ObOldGuy: I once had a machine fail an install of SCO Unix (this was before they were evil) because it was ... [wait for it] ... too fast. There was a spin-delay loop in the Adaptec 1542 driver that failed on a fast machine. I was LMAO when they told me my box was too fast.

Comment Really? That's All It Takes? (Score 1) 325

"Oh, sure! Suuuure! We'll stop trying to arrest you! Why don't you come out of that embassy there and... give it a try?" And for some reason I totally hear that in Brock Samson's voice.

And also, "You guys might want to think about, ah... febreezing that embassy of yours there... it smells like moldy pizza and... Assange crotch."

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