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Comment: Re:Intel CPUs not in the mobile space because... (Score 1) 228

by Warll (#35205268) Attached to: Intel Committed To MeeGo Despite Nokia Defection

Doesn't matter, the MS Windows software ecosystem nearly entirely consists of x86 binaries. Linux software for the most part is open source. A transition to a new instruction set would only make sense if MS Windows was a superior OS by itself. The things that keep people on Windows will not exist on ARM.

Comment: Re:Oh, and then there are the cookies (Score 1) 308

by Warll (#35203328) Attached to: How Your Username May Betray You

Not necessarily. While some of the tests rely on javascript, others don't. In my case both my user agent and HTTP_ACCEPT Headers are unique. Now I am far from a typical user, what with Ubuntu, nightly firefox builds, and japanese enabled. A more typical user, say Win7 and latest stable Firefox would of course be much more common. So yes, noscript is very helpful, but YMMV.

Comment: Re:tl;dr from the roadmap (Score 2) 263

by Warll (#35131066) Attached to: Mozilla Aims To Release Four Firefox Versions In 2011

They are not going to be messing with the linux scheduler (Nor the are they even allowed touching the windows or mac one for that matter). The only way for them to achieve that goal is to level work load. This might mean optimizations or caching. You'd have to look at specifics to know which interactions are currently taking longer than 50ms to determine what exactly needs to be done.

Comment: tl;dr from the roadmap (Score 4, Informative) 263

by Warll (#35130264) Attached to: Mozilla Aims To Release Four Firefox Versions In 2011

This is a major reason why I use firefox, chrome may be open source but firefox extends that to open governance.

  1. Ship Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the 2011 calendar year
  2. Always respond to a user action within 50 ms
  3. Never lose user data or state
  4. Build Web Apps, Identity and Social into the Open Web Platform
  5. Support new operating systems and hardware
  6. Polish the user experience for common interaction tasks
  7. Plan and architect for a future of a common platform on which the desktop and mobile products will be built and run Web Apps

I would encourage everyone to read through the full roadmap: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Roadmap you shouldn't be disapointed.

Edit: Ugh, slashdot ol means ordered list, stop styling it like a ul.

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