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Comment Re:It's Quite Obvious Why They're At This Level (Score 3, Insightful) 161

But EULAs are mostly unreliable anyway. if I bought a part for my car that turned out to be unfit for purpose resulting in the destruction of my car's engine, I would be able to pursue the manufacturer for compensation. Even if the part came with a small piece of paper that had "By using this part you accept that it might not work and relinquish all legal rights" written on it. This is because national law supercedes small bits of paper with 'not my fault, honest' printed on them. Most software EULAs that have the standard "If you use this and your computer breaks then it's not our fault and you agree to not sue us and in any case you accept that the most you can sue us for is 99 cents" are likewise ineffectively illegal. In the UK at least. Products sold here, by any means, have to be fit for purpose and behave as advertised or the buyer is entitled to recompense. So if I buy a piece of software or hardware and it makes my computer fry, then EULA or no EULA my rights are protected.

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