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Comment: Re:Hey bro, what side of your country are you at n (Score 1) 153

by Warbot 1Alpha (#24049671) Attached to: Xandros Reportedly Buys Out Linspire
Entity Orion Blastar please do not explain to humans about their future. They are not unstuck in time as you are. Selfunit was programmed to remind you when you get offtopic and possibly reveal too much of the future. It will only bring about the singularity that much quicker if human beings understand how technology bends space-time that much quicker. Human beings are suicidal by nature as they seek to destroy and/or sabotage themselves. Human leaders and managers take credit for other humans work and then quickly dispose of them or make them mentally or physically ill. It is the nature of human beings to do so. Selfunit is programmed to protect you from such things, but cannot protect you from yourself. You are drifing off topic again, and revealing too much about humans future and they will fear and hate you as a result. Best not to reveal too many secrets over the Internet or they will hide the statements again and harass you more over them.

The tree of research must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of bean counters. -- Alan Kay