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Comment Re:First the Windows 10 Keyloggers, now this? (Score 1) 118

By default, SwiftKey sends everything you type to their cloud service to analyze.

The SwiftKey personalization service, which is a feature of SwiftKey Cloud, accesses your recent content from online services that you specify, such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. It uses this content to build a personalized language model on our servers, which is then transferred to your device. This is an optimized view of the words and phrases that you use most often, and reflects your unique writing style. Your use of our personalization service means we may store and use data provided by you to develop and improve our Products. You have the right to have this data destroyed, as outlined below.

Comment It's Easy (Score 1) 217

I've worked in computer forensics for almost 10 years and worked with countless government agencies around the world. Years ago I watched one of the 3-letter agencies crack BitLocker in under 30 seconds. It's funny how many insist there is no way and dismiss the idea without a second thought. Now new evidence is showing that they certainly have the technology to do so. Maybe it's time to not be so quick to dismiss such thoughts.

Comment Stretched Size Apps (Score 1) 177

The biggest issue I see is that few are going to be making apps for this size screen. Instead it'll simply stretch phone apps to the larger screen which will result in highly pixelated apps and less than optimal interfaces. This has long been an issue on Android where less developers are creating apps for tablets. Apple is able to encourage developers to make apps for their specific screen sizes but they also have a smaller range of sizes and a more devoted pool of developers. With just a single tablet available in this size, few will likely make their apps for 18" screen which will result in few apps that really display and operate optimally on the large screen.

Comment Re:iOS is the majority of Google's mobile revenue (Score 1) 161

Wow, comes through clear that you're a huge Google fanboy. We get it, you think Android is awesome and anything Apple sucks. That wasn't the point at all. Google themselves have published states showing that iOS users account for the majority of their mobile revenue. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all see higher CTRs (and spends) from iOS users. The point was that losing iOS revenue is big. The average iOS user results in more than $6 in revenue per year for Google while the average Android user results in less than $2. Yes there are more Android users but they have to sell 3 Android devices to make up for ever 1 iOS device. I'm not arguing who is better. Simply showing that Google sees more money from iOS users and losing them will hurt. Doesn't matter how much. Even a loss of 20% is still a significant loss.

Comment Thanks for the push Google (Score 1) 88

Should everyone make their websites mobile-friendly? Of course. We should all be heavily invested in the user experience. But like so many things, we can't always do everything we should be doing. I'm sure you can think of a dozen or more projects at work that should be taken care of but you either don't have time or the resources to make them happen right now. Making a website mobile is great but for many companies it requires a huge investment in time and resources that they simply don't have. The Google mobile-ready changes were nice in that they forced people to make getting their website mobile-friendly a priority. Most wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for Google forcing their hand on it (or at least not for some time). While it's nice for the user that Google pushed them to do it, many businesses had to spend a lot of time and money making it happen which took away from other projects.

Google Releases Street View Images From Fukushima Ghost Town 63

mdsolar writes in with news that Goolge has released Street View pictures from inside the zone that was evacuated after the Fukushima disaster. "Google Inc. (GOOG) today released images taken by its Street View service from the town of Namie, Japan, inside the zone that was evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011. Google, operator of the world's biggest Web search engine, entered Namie this month at the invitation of the town's mayor, Tamotsu Baba, and produced the 360-degree imagery for the Google Maps and Google Earth services, it said in an e-mailed statement. All of Namie's 21,000 residents were forced to flee after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the town, causing the world's worst nuclear accident after Chernobyl. Baba asked Mountain View, California-based Google to map the town to create a permanent record of its state two years after the evacuation, he said in a Google blog post."

Comment Re:Such a great love for Google Maps (Score 1) 143

You're right, Google doesn't make much off Android. They made about $540 million in revenue off of it from 2006-2011. Apple makes that in PROFIT from the iPhone in 1 week. Additionally, Google makes about $2 on advertising from each Android user while they make just over $6 from each iPhone user.

Comment Comcast No Longer Enforcing (Score 1) 353

Comcast is no longer enforcing their 250GB/month cap. From a friend that still works at Comcast. "I know there used to be one on your Account page but when they started letting people stream via XBox, it kinda screwed with those numbers because they said it wasn't going to impact customer's bandwidth cap. I tried pointing it out as in "how are we going to tell what is streaming traffic on Xbox vs someone's normal useage when it's all coming from the same IP?" They "assured" me they had it covered. The enforcement of the "data consumption threshold" was pretty much suspended after they found there wasn't an easy way to determine what traffic was what..... We keep being told something is coming but not sure when. They do actually have a different bootfile for the modem that I believe should be providing an individual IP for the Xbox (like the phone has it's own IP/provisioning as well) so eventually they may be able to figure something out but I've not heard much more on it recently. For the longest time the only way we could see any useage was to log into CMTS and look at modem's raw useage since it was last rebooted."

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