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Comment Re:Does the real name policy curb trolling? (Score 1) 200

A huge proportion of the population is on Facebook. Your "other service" simply won't reach them. For instance, my community has a hub on Facebook; it's unofficially, but without any question, the actual "only place you can talk to the community." More generally, there are many sites that use a Facebook plugin for comments. No Facebook account, no ability to comment.

I can live with this -- and I do -- but I certainly recognize it as far from optimum.

Comment MED? (Score 1) 155

Mutual Economic Destruction

Uhm.... not taking sides on the original point, but I am curious: Do you really believe that a country as resource-rich as the USA could not do well with brick-wall trade barriers? That seems absurdly naive to me. Sure, it would take a good bit of restructuring, but economic destruction? Hardly.

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 155

When it comes to espionage and national security, European citizens have fewer protections from their governments than Americans have from the US government.

That'd be great, if the US government actually complied with those protections in a more significant manner than lip service.

Comment The line (Score 1) 155

or the repression touches too many of the wrong nerves.

I'm not even sure it has to touch that many. I can think of quite a few cases of government acting in such a way as to really, really upset people. It only takes one really pissed off, skilled, intelligent person do to a great deal of damage. Most dissenters who have taken action thus far have been relatively unskilled and really didn't think through what they were trying to accomplish.

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