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Comment: Re:FTL Doesn't Mean Reverse Time (Score 1) 265

by Wandering Idiot (#43337615) Attached to: How To Communicate Faster-Than-Light
This isn't the first comment along these lines I've seen in the comments section. Dear god, has the level of science education on /. really fallen this low, or am I being pranked by belated April-foolsers?

Sending a message back in time from your own perspective does require bouncing it back from a moving reference frame to my knowledge, but is a valid consequence of FTL communication within special relativity.

Stop assuming you already know everything and can dismiss anything you don't understand; it just makes you look stupid. You don't appear to have even heard of special relativity beyond the word "observer", so I'm not sure why you think you can overturn the work of pretty much every physicist who's looked at the subject beyond unwarranted hubris.

Comment: Re:April fools again? (Score 1) 265

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Again, no it isn't, if by "comms" you mean any type of useful information transfer. You appear to have severely misunderstood the principles involved.

Functionally, quantum entanglement is the equivalent of placing single red and blue balls in separate boxes without looking at them, sending one box to China, and then opening your box. If it's the red ball, you now know the one in China is blue, and vice-versa, despite the great distance between them.

Now mechanically, the quantum equivalent is considerably more exotic, and involves either instantaneous transmission of quantum states or hidden variables that predetermine the result, but as far as actual utility, it's the same thing, and you can't use it to actually send any new data.

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This is a pretty standard communism apology. No matter how many times communism has been implemented in a state, tyranny results. But apologists always say, "Well, it just wasn't done right."

Interestingly, the proposed end-state Communist utopia is pretty much the same as a Libertarian utopia, if you strip out the buzzwords. The totalitarian stage (even if it's never been implemented exactly as Marx envisioned) is explicitly not the end goal, but envisioned as a necessary step along the way. Of course, no attempt in the real world has actually gotten past that stage, just as the efforts of economic libertarians are likely to just leave us stuck in a state of dystopian corporate feudalism if actually implemented.

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Sisko? Politically correct? He sterilized an entire planet just to catch one guy who betrayed him. He started wars with both the Klingons and the Dominon. He personally designed the Defiant, a ship which said "to Hell with the usual Starfleet ideal of peaceful exploration", and was basically a bunch of guns strapped to an engine powerful enough to rip the whole thing apart if not handled properly. He punched Q in the face. And then there was the time he framed the Dominion for the murder of a Romulan official who had actually been killed by someone working on his behalf, in order to trick the Romulans into joining the war against them, breaking numerous legal and ethical rules along the way.

If on the other hand you're mad that there were captains who weren't white males, you're just an idiot. Janeway's problem wasn't that she was a woman, it was that she was a badly developed character, with an actress whose voice could grate cheese.

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PhD in Mathematics.

So did you not have to take any basic biology courses along the way, or did you just ignore them because they conflict with your theological preferences or something?

All known organisms have DNA or RNA, evolution (including speciation) is an observed fact... the "proof" you're asking for is the evidence gathered from the past several hundred years of life sciences. You're in front of a PC, go Google some answers.

Unless you're playing some silly semantic game with the meaning of "proof" and "purpose", in which case you're merely really annoying, rather than extremely ignorant.

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Your car analogies are *idiotic*. The actual analogy would be a device that you can point at any car, which creates an exact copy(minus any personal items) back in your garage. It doesn't affect the original owner of the car, aside from resale value, which was never guaranteed. The device would obviously be a miraculous boon in many ways, and the car manufacturers would find themselves in the exact same position as the **AAs and be falling over themselves to push for ever-stronger penalties and more heavy-handed preventative measures against people copying their designs, and would call the scanning "stealing" (and it would still be a misnomer). And yes, their old business model would be rendered rather obsolete. Independant groups would undoubtably arise to design their own cars which could be freely copied, although without the money and expertise of the large manufacturers behind them, most people would probably still perfer copies of the big names, at least initially. Things like custom-designed cars for each person and susbcription services where you can go into a showroom to scan a new car each month, or have the car dealers' scanners deliver new cars automatically, would undoubtably become a larger part of the business of the car companies that survived the transition.

(I should note I'm ignoring negative exernalities [increased pollution, etc.] for the purposes of this analogy, as digital data transfers are a bit different from physical objects in that sense. You could actually make a decent connection between increased traffic congestion due to free cars and increased bandwidth usage due to piracy, though. Still a net positive on that front in my opinion, especially as things like legal streaming services are making more bandwidth necessary anyway)

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