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Comment: novel idea (Score 1) 452

by WanQiaoYi (#39824565) Attached to: Organics Can't Match Conventional Farm Yields
..or .. here's a novel idea ... maybe, just maybe people could EAT LESS! but of good quality food. Maybe it's not necessary to stuff our belies to the point of bursting 3 times a day with less nutrient rich burgers / fries / whatever else preservative full, genetically warped, crap food. And eat to 60% full of nutrient rich great food. Maybe people can even stop wasting there yards with grass and oversized bushes and plan some of there own vegetables. If something like this was adopted as general thought on a large scale it would have far greater impact that needed to further the path of freak food.

Comment: dualism (Score 1) 707

by WanQiaoYi (#39727979) Attached to: Anti-Education Attack Poisons 150 Afghan Schoolgirls
The more dualistic any philosophical system is, the further it should be stayed away from. Dualism creates separation => for something to be RIGHT something else has to be WRONG the deeper the dualism, the deeper the RIGHT needs to destroy the WRONG! but what has become the WRONG! So disheartening to read about these types of acts. How would anyone know what white is without a black to compare it to? It is an impossibility! Therefor one should not try to dwell in black or white, because night turns into day day turns into night. The two are mutually dependent. One cannot exist without the other, so why try to put one above the other. Remain constant and aware in all circumstances, love without any exception, bias, exclusion, INCLUSION, attachment. .... ok, ok my little rant for the day is done

Comment: Re:Power and Responsibility (Score 2) 482

by WanQiaoYi (#39214645) Attached to: Photographing Police: Deletion Is Not Forever
"Perhaps more importantly: the police aren't military." Well said. And military's primary purpose should be to defend against Foreign (and only foreign) invasion - unless the internal police are completely unable to defend public peace and the military's action isn't unconstitutional). So there should be no instance for public video taping military action because that action should never occur within our own borders unless there is a foreign (non US citizens) army inside our borders. If military are arresting US citizens then we should have right to video tape that as well.

Comment: look at me, i made a post! (Score 1) 134

by WanQiaoYi (#38948295) Attached to: Study Finds Social Media Harder To Resist Than Cigarettes, Alcohol
"Researchers also found that while sleep and sex may be stronger urges than certain drug addictions" Thank you researchers! After 10000+ years of existence we finally know physical necessities (unless one takes up monasticism) could be stronger urges than drugs ! That's extremely fascinating! With enough funding advanced research should finally be able to prove comsuming water and breathing to be even more addictive than sleeping and sex! The FDA should work closely with deep pocket pharmaceuticals to provide humanity with pills to end these ailments. I'm off to ponder this amazing achievement

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