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Comment Re:Scientists finally discover... (Score 1) 287

Cinnamon actually slows the body's uptake of sugar. We put it in cake icing and it keeps down that sugar rush us old fogies can't quite handle any more.

For my kids we won't let 'em have sugar deserts after supper and they are MUCH more well behaved getting to bed. I'm not sure they are any less "bouncing off the walls" but they do go to sleep much easier.

Comment Re:Scientific work (Score 1) 192

I thought of this too. My industry uses a lot of computer controllers that are self-contained boxes triggering a few dozen relays, everything is on the front panel of the controller. I play with several of these every day, but I finally decided anything in this genera (and my phone as well) was a keypad. For "Keyboard" I'm going with 1 for my laptop.
There's a couple of other computers in the house, but I don't use them on any regular basis.

Comment Re:Untethered (Score 1) 522

I was going to say the same - getting a laptop. Lenovo Thinkpad T61. (Which I made better by installing Kubuntu on)
I maxed out the RAM and got the discrete video card of course, but just having it all together, and able to put it in a bag and take it to my folks or the beach or wherever is the awesome.
Still runs apache and plays all the games I want it to as well.

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