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Comment Re:The RPi's "secret weapon" (Score 2) 120

Is its following, community and wide range of available software.

Really good point. To draw an Arduino analogy, there are other platforms that offer better bang for the buck (e.g. various STM Discovery boards, some of the Cypress boards) But the community and resulting accessibility make the Arduino much more popular.

Comment Re:Oh noes! (Score 1) 60

Someone has "high tech" cut the fibre! Where will my pr0n go?

Best to start laying in a good supply ahead of time.

And why wait for the Super Bowl to do this?

And why is this a "threat"?

Think about it. Interfering with Superbowl commercials will be devastating to the US economy. If the game itself cannot be seen, there will be parties all over the world where there is nothing to celebrate.

And I guarantee you that at least one team will lose that day.

These effects will cascade and the fabric of the universe could be rent.

Comment Re:Password managers continue to be dumb (Score 1) 146

I also click on the lastpass icon to login... not sure how anyone could fake the login modal coming out of the extension like that. I'm guessing this doesn't apply to me because I'd hit cancel and go to my normal method.

How hard would it be for an attacker to disable LastPass and replace it with a pixel perfect look alike?

I suppose the way to defeat that would be to always type the wrong password on the first try and if the password manager appears to accept it, stop trying! Unless the fake password manager is able to use the entered password to try to unlock the database in which case I cannot see a way to detect a fake LastPass.

Comment Robots that can't aim (Score 1) 508

Robots using powerful beam weapons that can't hit the broad side of a barn.

I suppose this follows from good guy bullets vs. bad guy bullets. In too many movies (perhaps all that involve gunfights) the good guy runs through a hail of bullets. They either do not get hit or if hit, the bullet does little or no real damage. When the good guy returns fire, three bad guys fall (and remain down) for every shot fired. You don't want to be using bad guy bullets for your defense.

A similar situation seems to happen to the orcs in the LOTR series. Wave a weapon at them and they're down for good.

Comment My running electronics. (Score 2) 169

First off, you need to protect your electronics from perspiration. Both my wife and I have destroyed MP3 players and I have destroyed a cell phone due to perspiration. I put mine in ziploc bags or use those plastic bubbles used for shipping things.

Best option for marathons is one of the dedicated GPS watches. I have a Garmin Forerunner 405 and it was capable of lasting through a marathon (5+ hours for me.) At present I use a running app on my Nexus 5x and use it with a Moto 360. The advantage of that is:
- choice of running/activity apps.
- watch eliminates need to pull phone out to start/stop/pause
- watch has configurable screens for whatever stats I want to see.

Downside -
  - Moto 360 battery won't last through a marathon. (Maybe with the right app...)
  - Requires the phone - but a newer Moto watch has a built in GPS. Might still need the phone for the HRM though.

At the end of the race when I'm hot and sweaty it can be really difficult to stop the run on either watch or phone. Touch screens don't react well to sweat tracks.

Comment Re:Article is FUD (Score 1) 144

... only if you are running an outdated firmware (like Kit kat). ... update to Jelly Bean on this device ...

You apparently did not know that Android versions are named in alphabetical order. Jelly Bean (4.1) predates Kitkat (4.4) You cannot "upgrade" to Jelly Bean from Kitkat.

Apologies if your post was sarcasm. I interpreted it as ignorance.

Comment Re:Why wireless charging? (Score 1) 208

Personal preference, I guess. I really like being able to set my phone in a dock and it charges. And I do not need a proprietary dock. Same for automotive use. I just stick it to the dock and it's charging.

Yes, one more piece to have but for me so much more convenient. I guess it's a matter of personal choice.

My current phone is a Nexus 5 that developed a cracked screen over the weekend. I was ready to pull the trigger on the Nexus 5x but I'm having second thoughts. Maybe a Nexus 6 which does support wireless charging.

Comment Re:It's a good study in human nature (Score 1) 435

Why do I have to do anything? I don't do anything to use IPV4. I just plug stuff in and it works.

That's not strictly true I suppose. I did have to configure an SSID and password on my WiFi router. And I do need to select the AP and type the password for my devices. That's about it. I reserve an IP address for my home built NAS and a few other items but a lot of folks don't even do that.

Why can't IPV6 be that easy?

I recall trying to enable it in my PC and router a couple years ago. Nothing worked and that was the end of my experimentation with IPV6.

I guess I should look into it again.

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