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Comment Re:I can tell from the comments (Score 1) 357

So, Florida is already being adversely impacted by the THREE INCH increase in sea level since WORLD WAR ONE?!?

It's three inches since 1992. Not that that's so terrible - unless you live somewhere like South Florida. It looks like they might get hit by a small hurricane in the next few days.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 357

We care about 3 inches because??????

Seriously, isn't everyone tired of this BS by now?

The sea level rise is expect to accelerate and go up over three feet in the next 100 years. Still, that's not going to drown anybody. Sea level rise is annoying, but it gets far too much attention.

Droughts and ocean acidification are scarier. I don't know where it will dry out or what problems the acidification will cause, but doing an experiment on our environment is not a sane way to find out.

Comment Re:No government fans here? (Score 1) 193

Most Slashdot readers are of a libertarian bent, so they don't like regulations.

Those who do are generally smart, and they know there is no basis for regulation here.

But, indeed, many of us don't think Time Warner has free speech rights, just like it can't vote. I've seen no consensus on exactly how that would work, though.

Comment Re:Careful what you wish for... (Score 3, Insightful) 686

It does not surprise me in the least to see that on a site that leans as hard to the right as slashdot, Hillary Clinton is winning this poll by a wide margin.

I think you are way off here. The reason I voted Hillary off was because I want to see Bernie in the general election. I think that's the reason she's leading in the poll, too.

I don't agree with Bernie on everything, but he's actually talking about the issues and taking principled stands. I like that.

I'd probably pick Hillary over any of the Republicans (except maybe Rand), but I'd more likely vote third party. She seems a big government power type of person, just like Barak turned out to be. Only she seems worse.

Comment Re:Great news (Score 1) 35

We're talking a charge density that could potentially take a car over a thousand miles instead of a hundred or two at current battery weight.

That would be from increasing energy density. Better power density could improve the 0-60 time. Of course, charge rate and power density are usually correlated, one being the rate energy goes into the battery, the other the rate it goes out.

Comment Re:Sounds great! (Score 5, Informative) 163

As a highly-taxed driver (gas and registration), I'm getting rather tired of cyclists requesting more and more road upgrades despite them not paying even a small share of the costs for those upgrades.

I know! And what about all those leeching pedestrians? Sidewalks don't just appear! Plus pedestrians slow me down when I'm in a hurry! We should require registration to walk in the city! :-)

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