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Comment Re:bah (Score 1) 208

It appears that 1500 ppb is an insane level.

From here

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is absorbed in both large and small airways. Very high concentrations (>200 ppm) are very dangerous, causing lung injury, fatal pulmonary edema, and bronchopneumonia.

(high levels of NO will convert to nitrogen dioxide in a short period)

The legal limit for air quality over a long period is 53 ppb, and 100 pbb over shorter periods. Children show an increase in asthma even at these levels.

NOx is a serious pollutant. It is a cause of acid rain, asthma, bronchitis and cancer.

Comment Re:Honestly, Japan's screwed no matter what. (Score 4, Interesting) 313

Actually, they can still use that land. It's unsuitable for living on, growing food, etc

Over 90% of the affected area is suitable for those uses right now. The radiation in those parts is less than that of Colorado. I don't see people leaving Colorado because of the radiation.

Comment Re:Other option (Score 1) 392


The correctly spelled word is 'catalysts'.

Admittingly it has no fine-dust filter. But i also believe it's far less polluting...

Believe it or not, your car is killing people. So are a lot of old cars of all types. When a company like VW cheats on tests it sets all of us back on cleaning the air.

Comment A good use for hydrogen (Score 1) 221

This one of the few good uses for hydrogen fuel that I've seen other than rockets. However, I suspect it will be too loud for passenger traffic. The Concorde was notoriously noisy, even aside from the sonic booms it created.

There are few flights long enough for this to be worthwhile, especially if the courts limit the areas they can travel at transonic speeds. At the least, I would want government involvement minimized.

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