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Comment: Re:How Hemos Got His Groove Back (Score -1) 156

by Al Gore (#4444488) Attached to: Australian Anti-Spammer Wins Court Case
By the way, this is me, The_Messenger. Al Gore is one of my alter egos, used soley for posting offensive trollish flamebait. Since I've used up both my logged-in and AC posting limit for today, and since my usual proxy isn't working, I'm forced to adopt the identity of our beloved communist ex-presidential-candidate loser for the purpose of communication. Whatever.

Comment: Re:Shit in my Oven! Help! (Score -1, Offtopic) 170

by Waldo Jaquith (#2852173) Attached to: New Wallace and Gromit Episodes Coming Online
Look on the bright side -- at least whoever shat in the oven didn't turn the oven on. Ignoring the possible fire hazard, your home would've stunk for days, forcing you and your homosexual compatriots to have sex in dark alleyways and under minivans for at least a week. Unless, of course, you're the kind of fags who enjoy the smell of shit.

So did you use the oven? Did you take the shit out? How dry was it? After everyone left the room, did you lick it? How did you clean the oven? If you used the oven's auto-clean, did it stink up the kitchen?

As for finding the poop-etrator, I'd suspect any heterosexual male friends that you may have. A heterosexual man doesn't understand the deep sensual feelings that you people have for shit, and probably thought he was being funny. "Ha, ha! It is poop! And it is in his oven! I am a genius!" OTOH, if any of your queer buddies are shit pigs, they may been intended to heat-up the shit to eat, and merely forgotten about it. You can't ignore any possibilities!

It may have even been one of the fags who "found" it...

"Pascal is Pascal is Pascal is dog meat." -- M. Devine and P. Larson, Computer Science 340