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Comment Re:This case is a joke. (Score 2) 383


I missed the part where Kim Dotcom was uploading his own personal BluRay rips to MU.

I *remember* the part where his users did.

I don't give a shit how he made his money or whether or not you consider it "ill-gotten" simply because MU hosted some copyrighted material uploaded by users. It's an absurd contortion of logic and reason to say that he deserves none of his money because some of his users misbehaved.

$100m is the equivalent of one mid-tier movie budget. If you think Hollywood actually felt that tiny financial "hit", you're the one who's hopelessly naive.

Comment Re:If it's the MIB, it won't be so bad ... (Score 4, Insightful) 884

On one side the Liberals declare that people entering the USA, even illegally, should be considered as "legal", so long as they do not make trouble

I've literally never, in my entire life, heard any self-described "liberal" say this. Never. You're setting up a false dichotomy so you can make it look the problem is being caused by both sides.

It isn't.

This is entirely a right-wing issue, and the flames of racism are being fanned entirely by so-called "conservatives".

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