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Comment Re:Stop saying "Artificial Intellgence" (Score 1) 258

Actually "artificial intelligence" is exactly the correct term to be using here. It is not real intelligence, it is ersatz. This pedantic argument has been brought up for years with a proper answer proposed a long time ago; That when a "real" AI is created, we refer to it as Machine Intelligence...since there will be nothing artificial about it.

Comment Re:You're too naive (Score 1) 602

The kind of safety net I'd want for people would be...

A very basic income.
$250/month for 21 and under
$500/month for 22-66
$750/month for 67+
However, if one has social security benefits already, it's either or, the highest, not both.

If we scrap SNAP, I'd add an additional $200/month to the above figures.

Considering the widely varying costs of living in this country you might want to consider where you're getting these values from, and what it is they are supposed to cover and replace hard constant figures with something more adaptable. On this income "safety net" I can almost pay 2/3rds of the monthly rent on what would be considered the absolute lowest end dirt cheap studio apartment in the greater area in which I live, and it wouldn't be enough to help me move to said sinkhole.

Comment Re: Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 1) 136

Oh, and when I get in a cab at a hotel and pay cash, there's no effective record of where I go and when. No stupid phone apps tracking me and modeling my behavior for future marketing purposes. The less data that exists about anyone the better.

Actually, the cabs in Vegas keep a log of every trip they make including time, starting and ending location. No joke. Now if you pay cash they don't have your name, per se, so it'll take a little more work to figure out who you are, but with cab IDs being highly visible and hotel security cameras everywhere, it won't be that difficult.

Comment Re:Music/DAW software (Score 1) 889

The problem is I need *everything*; meaning I also need the East/West Libraries, and the Komplete Native Instruments packages in addition to the DAW (and several other VSTs/plug-ins). I also need to be able to save my projects and bring them to other locations and set them up on other machines/studios.

On top of all of that, I do not have the time to sit down and learn another set of software from scratch, or struggle with a driver interface I know nothing about for the hardware. I'd be willing to take one thing on as a learning curve, possibly two, but I can't afford the downtime of using all new software and *maybe* having working audio hardware, even if I had the interoperability working between systems and didn't have to worry about the studio I'm moving to being on Protools, or some other DAW.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 2) 226

This is not exactly correct. The embassy is the sovereign territory of the country in which it is physically located (British Embassy in Peru is not British soil)...however the Vienna Convention states that the local government foreswears the right to enter an embassy, and provides diplomatic immunity for the diplomats inside.

If I live in Peru and I break into the British Embassy and commit a crime, I will be punished in Peru by the Peruvian police and law. It is not up to the brits to come and get me, and I get off scott-free once I walk out the front door without some kind of extradition treaty.

Comment Re:The reason they're doing better than others... (Score 2) 111

or maybe because Taxi cabs companies have never had competition before, have been slow to embrace new technology, and have never invested in improving service at any time in the past 50 years, while making drivers fork out a massive amount of pay for their medallions and leasing fees. Getting a cab is an unpleasant experience in my town (a very large metropolis in the US)...getting an Uber is anywhere from decent to pretty nice...getting a Lyft is usually even nicer.

Comment Re: Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing" (Score 1) 231

The government (at least where I am) is not going to crack-down on Uber in the way you describe. You left out one other option, which is that the passenger livery laws will become more lax in order to find a compromise that allows companies like Uber to exist and compete. The service is too popular to do away with, if you get rid of it, you look like you are abusing the wants and needs of the general populace.

I live in a notably large US city with very shitty public transportation options for a large number of neighborhoods and destinations. Cabs have always been extremely overpriced (not the drivers' fault, but due to the monopoloy on the medallions), and the ride was typically a crapshoot between being the most disgusting experience of your life, to being a basic ride somewhere. The presence of Uber fixed a lot of that. Not to mention helping dismantle some of a very old, very bribed, bought, and paid for power structure that did nothing to help the public, or the cab drivers, and never wanted to embrace any new technology.

While the system is not perfect, it would be extremely difficult for my town to get rid of uber at this point...especially in the wake of other online/phone-based services that purport to be 'free' that would simply crop up in its place. Fortunately my town understands this and has worked heavily with Uber and Lyft to make compromises.

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