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Comment: wtf does baseball have to do with anything? (Score 0, Insightful) 265

by Wain13001 (#47324423) Attached to: Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

wtf are you even talking about? No, it's not surprising that not many black USians work for facebook. Seeing as how not that many Black USians work for tech companies of any sort. Wouldn't you think the latter has a lot more to do with facebook's potential diversity, or lack thereof? Wanting to be diverse doesn't mean refusing to hire white men if that's the majority of the available pool of applicants (not even getting into who's better qualified).

Comment: Re:Horrible reactions to predictable problems. (Score 5, Insightful) 465

He picked the wrong year to ask his questions in the manner in which he did...also the wrong people. Zoe Quinn has been harassed to the point of blatant abuse by a particularly nasty part of the gamer community...death threats, forum-organized raids, and sexually harassing phone calls to her cell among other things. How she presents herself to the indie community as a woman and a developer is a very big deal at the moment. The indie teams are protective of each other and extremely protective of their individual images among their fans and supporters....this is a very big deal.

Also the show wasn't originally conceived of as the craptastic mess Matti turned it into once they got started. So okay, this wasn't quite as bad as Matti walking up to a female rape victim and asking her on camera if she thinks "women are asking for it..." but I'm pretty sure from some of the dev's standpoints, it wasn't too far from that either.

Comment: Re:Drama queens... (Score 1) 465

The "gender nonsense" was not a real question. It was an insult...and it came at a time when a significant portion of the gamer community has just begun recovering from an uproar about women developers...and it's been such a hot-button issue that one of the women on this show not that long ago was receiving death threats from the members of the gaming community. Jimquisition has some great thoughts and insights on this issue.

The question of women's contributions and the benefits or disadvantages of women in a dev team is completely valid to extremely ignorant masses, and the answers could be very interesting and inspiring, but Matti's questions amounted to "What do you think Chett? Do women suck at this?" "What about you? You're a you suck at this? or do you think the fact that you're pretty might help your team with the judges?"

fuck him, the worthless fucking fuck.

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by Wain13001 (#44542357) Attached to: Could Humanity Really Build 'Elysium'?

Throwing everything at Earth would require organization and agreement from people of all kinds of highly conflicting ideologies. Building something somewhere else can be spearheaded and handled by a single group, or consortium of a few organizations (countries, companies, senators, etc...) who want to reap the benefits, but also keep the end goal and needs clear and concise.

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