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Comment Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 2) 1032 1032

That's because the US public only understands value as something that can be monetized, which is why there is so little support for art in this country...the lack of support results in a lack of education and personal development in art...which results in art related fields being stigmatized...yet people who live at the top of the monetized art forms are worshipped as Gods societally (Hollywood actors, directors, RIAA Musicians, etc...).

So what happens is we proclaim this handful of highly successful musicians and actors as the greatest thing in public society, laud them all over television and radio, then we tell anyone who actually goes to school to attempt to be in the field of those same worshipped people that they have wasted their money, deserve their $100,000 college debt, and can go fuck themselves off to McDonalds for a job...and don't you DARE try to raise the minimum wage...your problems are your fault, stupid fucking kids.

Comment Re:One highly-publicized case is all it took (Score 4, Informative) 489 489

A private company paid a bunch of money to another private company and users got the same video streaming performance they used to have before private company B starting throttling private company A's ability to deliver content that was already paid for by the users to both companies involved.


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