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Comment Re:Going to Mars is a bad idea (Score 1) 684

And there is plenty of interesting research to be done there as well. Of course - no one will give a flying f*** about it - but this is about science and progress for humanity - not personal vanity, right?

If only you were wrong, what a different world we'd live in.....

Comment Re:Unregulated currency (Score 1) 704

Is regulating the exchanges themselves such a deal breaker? Require security audits, books audits, etc. (depending on the host country) Exchanges are the biggest problem, and really the easiest to fix. If you don't like the enevitably higher costs at a regulated exchange, use a less regulated one at your own risk. Seems reasonable.

Comment Re:Well, that was your mistake. (Score 1) 627

He may not (on purpose) have tons of cash, but he has 7% of the vote, in one poll, one debate, zero advertisements. 500 whackjobs * 7% = 3500% of the population. Elections should be about voters, not cash. In my perfect world, campaigning would be limited to large number of debates, and a rotating segment on pbs or c-span or some other public tv. No room for BS.

Crazee Edeee, his prices are INSANE!!!