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Comment: Re:What are you downloading? (Score 1) 349

by WaffleMonster (#47771369) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

I am a software developer and consultant. I download entire system images (4-8GB), client log files (gigabytes), daily system updates for a number of systems (more gigabytes). I download multi-terabytes per month. If I didn't have an unlimited business plan, I would be out of business. Just getting the headers for my system repositories is multi-megabytes per day per system - 3 Linux and 2 Apple, plus updates for 2 phones.

If you didn't have a fat pipe you would still be in business only difference you would be smarter about how you use the limited resources you could afford.

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by WaffleMonster (#47770139) Attached to: DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications

I'm sorry. I have ZERO confidence that V2V will not have a back door for abuse by authorities, never mind the hacker/crook people.

It might not be all bad... the viral propagation of a V2V worm across the country could end up being quite amusing...especially if infected vehicles began issuing zombie warnings when encountering other infected vehicles.

Propose renaming "Intersection stop line violation" bit in BSM Part II vehicle safety extension element to "Zombies"

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They will, or you assume they will? There's a difference...

I know they will.

Besides, who cares how your speeding is detected?

I do. This business of coupling of ends and means is a loosing proposition.

If you're speeding you're speeding. There's no "it's ok as long as I don't get caught"-clause.

Acceptable methods of detection is a critical question for any society of humans. The right to be left alone is core component of the social contract.

Comment: Estimating estimated estimates (Score 1) 256

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In terms of safety impacts, the agency estimates annually that just two of many possible V2V safety applications, IMA and LTA, would on an annual basis potentially prevent 25,000 to 592,000 crashes, save 49 to 1,083 lives, avoid 11,000 to 270,000 MAIS 1-5 injuries, and reduce 31,000 to 728,000 property-damage-only crashes by the time V2V technology had spread through the entire fleet.

These figures are quite amusing ... how can the range of estimates vary by several orders of magnitude while concurrently expecting anyone to take anything you have to say seriously?

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It's not harmless stringing them along like that. What you're really doing is giving them invaluable experience and training in responding to people who might simply be on the cusp of getting taken.

Acting like an idiot who types slow and has a LOT of questions is not only amusing but wastes time cutting into profits and capacity to contact new victims. As a bonus the experience may help advance your acting career. Ultimately on the job training arguments don't appear to me to carry sufficient heft to outweigh competing arguments. When you hang up and they talk to an honest to god sucker this also counts as on-the-job training.

Remember kids your computer is off, you have to walk slowly down creeking stairs into the basement to turn it on.. and once there it is very old... it takes *FOREVER* to boot. Be sure to express your displeasure with the performance of your computer.

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by WaffleMonster (#47757679) Attached to: California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

According to the Federal Communications Commission, smartphone thefts now account for 30 to 40 percent of robberies in many major cities across the country. Many of these robberies often turn violent with some resulting in the loss of life.

Consumer Reports projects that 1.6 million Americans were victimized for their smartphones in 2012.

In order to be effective, antitheft technological solutions need to be ubiquitous, as thieves cannot distinguish between those smartphones that have the solutions enabled and those that do not.

Is there something wrong with the water in California? Did zombies, head crabs and giant bugs with straws feast upon brains of lawmakers?

It seems either California is going to single handedly put an end to cell phone theft OR they are going to single handedly further endanger the lives of billions of cell phone users around the world. Which is more likely?

Comment: Dangerous and irresponsible (Score 1) 233

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The technological solution shall be reversible, so that if an authorized user obtains possession of the smartphone after the essential features of the smartphone have been rendered inoperable, the operation of those essential features can be restored by an authorized user


An authorized user of a smartphone may affirmatively elect to disable or opt-out of enabling the technological solution at any

Apparently in order to combat problem of theft of smartphones this law forces thieves to coerce the VICTIM of theft into disabling technological solution prior to walking off with the device making an already dangerous encounter more perilous and traumatic.

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by WaffleMonster (#47737857) Attached to: South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"

If you read the details of the story, it becomes quite a bit less sensational.

The details make it worse because not kissing police officers asses resulted in bullshit disturbance charges. (e.g. retaliation)

Not only did the grownups at the school abuse their authority so did the police.

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The right to free speech does not mean a university has to provide the publishing infrastructure to make that speech.

No shit university can do whatever it wants.. as a result they can expect to be held accountable for propagating indefensible policies. Fact this university is state funded means they have to answer to more than just students.

By logical extension of your standards universities must also provide spray cans so that students can spray paint their thoughts onto the campus buildings.

Censoring content is not spray cans sorry.

Comment: The term is Grid Computing (Score 2) 25

Cloud this cloud that... I'm sick of clouds.

If IAU gets to redefine popular language to align with scientific language having specific and unambiguous meaning why can't "Cloud" banner be wrestled out the clutches of marketeers?

Everything is networked running off some datacenter somewhere... saying "the cloud" is like saying "the thing" .. you might as well say nothing at all as this conveys about the same amount of useful information.

Please I implore you all to stop being a bunch of sissy care bears enough with "cloud". Let the meme die already.

Comment: Kill switches are probably a bad idea (Score 1) 299

It isn't enough to simply look at the world as is. You must consider the world with universal deployment of kill switches and fully understand likely consequences as much as possible.

Stolen phones can be taken apart and sold for parts... Thieves doing this may well end up making more money than phone as a whole can be sold in an underground market.

If users have ability to opt-out then anyone taking phones by force could demand victim "opt out" putting owner in increased risk of harm v. lift 'n dash encounter lasting seconds. Further thieves could demand credentials to your online account linked to the phone and lock you out of it.

As they say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"..

There are technical solutions that could work such as a "fused" opt-in where physical device can never be opted out after an opt-in without mainboard replacement or some kind of secondary duress password to covertly signal theft... yet it seems obvious nobody is going to implement fuses and secondary passwords.

The argument that calling the carrier/police is not enough seems to hinge exclusively on the notion of phones sold overseas out of reach of carriers...

This as far as I can see means anything that would actually work while not putting victim at increased risk is also by necessity as oppressive as hell. Users should NOT have the means to lock their devices themselves as it puts them at increased risk of harm and to be effective it must either work OOB of both normal cell network/IP Internet or implement a heartbeat/watchdog with a central server to continuously prove continued availability which is one massive single point of disaster.

The OOB signal could be some kind of special backhauled PDP anchored to US carrier? I don't know enough to even guess how it might be implemented or if it is even possible.

As most technical solutions to political and or social problem I'm drawing a blank imagining a scenario whereby kill switches make a positive contribution to the world.

If people really want to cut down on theft maybe they should use common sense when wielding expensive toys in public.... or ... ah... gulp... um... ... a... device vendors could always .... ...u... know... make them cost less.

The best laid plans of mice and men are held up in the legal department.