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Comment Re:Why solar? (Score 1) 528

Either you're a liar, a paid liar, a sociopathic predator who identifies with the sociopathci predators who have systematcially lied about global warmming or you're an idiot.

From Wikipedia:

Germany's renewable energy sector is among the most innovative and successful worldwide. Net-generation from renewable energy sources in the German electricity sector has increased from 6.3% in 2000 to about 30% in 2014.[1][2] For the first time ever, wind, biogas, and solar combined accounted for a larger portion of net electricity production than brown coal.[3] While peak-generation from combined wind and solar reached a new all-time high of 74% in April 2014,[4] wind power saw its best day ever on December 12, 2014, generating 562 GWh.[5] Germany has been called "the world's first major renewable energy economy".[6][7]E

Comment Tesla's OTA and The Obvious (Score 2) 262

Don't look to Tesla to change the OTA acccess their building into their cars any time soon. I'll tell you why.

There's a frightening amount of electricity generated by their cars and mechanics who don't know what they're doing are quite likely to eletrocute themselves.

Then the headline will be:

Another Mechanic Killed By Tesla Car.

To prevent that headline from ever materializing and destroying their market share, they reserve the right and aiblity to remotely brick the car.

If the car is in an accident, it gets bricked and the only result of trying to start the car is a message on the instrument panel which reads (approx) : "Take car to Tesla service station for service".

Mechanics CAN'T work on Tesla cars.

Unfortunately, when you connect a car to the internet or otherwise make it accessible OTA you dramatically increase the attack surface area.

Here's a few characterisitics of the new attack vectors:

*A criminal can effect many cars at once. Previously, a 1:1:1 ratio existed between criminals, cars and some discrete unit of time.

*A criminal can make a criminal event imitate an accident. Previously, if the car blew up Mafiosa-style or was stolen, the criminal event was clearly recognizable as a criminal event. Even cutting the brake lines left tell-tale signs. Obviously, a surreptitious way to access the car's electronics is, well, surreptitious .

*The attack vectors have mutiplied to as many zero-day exploits in as many electronic parts as could be effected by zero day exploits. Previously, even if there was a theoretical way to access the computer that controlled critical systems, it was still a head-under-hood affair involving that system.

*Zero day exploits aren't going away. There is no "recall" that is going to "fix" the problem because the problem is now a changing target. Previously, just as criminals and car thefts (or other crime) were 1:1, so also were defects and defective components. Recalls could fix the componnt and return the car to service. Now the subsystem is known to be fundamentally unfixable.

If we could stop people from exploiting critical computer systems, we would have done it. A car is not going to be special in this regard.

Comment Uh, that' what MSM DOES (Score 1) 273

Media which makes its living by communicting to masses of people using short time, low attention narratives has to hook into themes it knows all viewers already understand and respond to. These are themes everyone is just genetically pre-wired to understand.

Young, high status male searches for and mates with most beautiful woman.

Evil tribe attempts to destroy us but instead is itself destroyed, thanks to acts of courage and selflessness.

Singularly great man brings knowledge, light and power to the masses.

That why MSM sucks.

Comment Re:Maling it illegal was stupid, but so is doing t (Score 1) 220

I cna't remember the article which sort of spoils this post but there's a technical fix for DDoS which ISPs are simply and webiste owners are simply not implementing. Maybe someone knows the article or set of facts I am forgetting and enlighten the rest of us.

Comment Re: Yeah, great (Score 2) 205

I quote from the above post. I am sure (that is, I know for a fact) that this is staple fare amongst a *certain kind* or radically politically correct, social constructivist, radical feminist which I mean to distinguish from feminists generally, a group I and others include myself in.

Mr. Sexually Inadequate wonders why the women he encounters don't react like those he sees on porn sites panting and groaning in response to the guy's every demand and whim. He concludes, not entirely surprisingly, that women are untrustworthy, phoney bitch whores who deliberately tease guys like him then withhold what they've given to every other guy and so need to be taught a lesson.

This is an approach to social theorizing and sadly, and ultimately lawmaking, which is based on *nothing more than a narrative which sounds plausible to the narrative's creator.*

That's it. That's the sum total of the evidence used to support that narrative. Remember, this narrative is not just any tale, it's meant to be taken seriously as an accurate description of the casual relationship between two things- porn and rape.

There are no epidemiological studies or population based studies which show, for instance, that porn viewers:

"wonder(s) why the women he encounters don't react like those he sees on porn sites panting and groaning in response to the guy's every demand and whim."

Nor is there any evidence that, for a given porn viewer, he reasons as presented:

" He concludes, not entirely surprisingly, that women are untrustworthy, phoney bitch whores who deliberately tease guys like him then withhold what they've given to every other guy "

Nor any is this a product of evidentiary based reasoning :

"and so (women) need to be taught a lesson."

It's amazing AMAZING to me that entire legislatures can be pressured into action and effectively captured by this level of "evidence" and pass laws and allocate funds and based on a mere narrative.

Rape is not ONLY about sex it's about the fact that the rapist is a criminal, that is, is criminally inclined.

Historical Fact: people of both genders have always and will always engage in sex play which resembles, on the face of it, the worst kind of rape. Thus the books 50 Shades of Gray, The Story of O and Justine to name but the most well known. But these people who view this pornography- and these books ARE pornography, are not rapists and are not potential rapists. The reason is, they are not criminally inclined.

Think of what it means to be a criminal. You are anti-social, at least. You simply do not care about what happens to other people. Their feelings mean basically nothing to you and their suffering is a matter of indifference to you. When they genuinely scream and cry in pain, you're unmoved. You have no empathy.

This pretty much describes a lot of people in society who do a lot of other things than rape, although they may do that too if they get the chance.

As I see it, we have a criminal problem. In the executive suites, in the state legislatures, in Washington, in industry, everywhere we have a disturbingly largish segment of the population which starts off, say, beating up their fellow playmates or learning to be manipulative, and then progresses on to more and perhaps more subtle orviolent crimes depending on the circumstances.

Go after the people who express anti-social behavior patterns early, because they're nt just raping, they're assualting other men, they're ripping people off, they're writing bills for Congress which destroy the earth so they can profit, they're hiding how dangerous the products and drugs theor corporations create are. They're lawyers and think tank employees and broadcasters and CEOs.

Violence against a target is violence against a target. Sure, some fo them rape. But it's not because of pornpornporn. It's because up until they rape, everyone, including feminists looked the other way at their anti-social behavior, some even admired their aggression, some even preferred it and found it exciting.

Comment Ohhh ... (Score 1) 220

I wanna be a company.. I wanna be a company...

BTW Hudson Institute - right wing reactionary extemism in think-tank form brought to you by Olin, Koch, Scaife, Walton (Walmart) and featuring on its board Scooter (Plamegate) Libby, Dick Cheney and Richard Pearle.

Comment Re:Why solar? (Score 0) 528

Uh Germany is run by solar and has the same cloud coverage as the US. What's more the consquences of continuing to use coal and oil is the extinction of the human race. I think perhaps you didn't build that last "cost" into your equation. You can do it now, or we can do it later, at the point of gun, but either way, Americans and indeed the people's of the world are not going to let a few oil and coal magnates destroy humankind's future in front of their eyes. Denying the absolute necssity of deploying renewable NOW regardless of the faux cost calculations which ignore the cost of climate change - including societal upheaval and military conflicts which the Pentagon itself have said are not just a threat to the US but are happening NOW and costing us real money- denying reality is a dead end. You know you lost the war when the US Army and the CIA are weighing in against you in the opposite corner. It's all over but the shouting pal. That's one thing about reality- it doesn't go away and you can only spin it for so long.

Comment Re:The hyperlink WAS the message (Score 1) 114

Your points are orthogonal to each other. The exposure of hypertext links has nothing to do with curation or no-curation. The rise of web pages as apps and opaque services which present ephemral content instead of durable content has nothing to do HTML and links to durable URLs.

What we want is durable findable content . Google actually did a good job at rating that content for the average surfer. Pages linking to pages takes care of the case where specialized cmmunities judgement is superior to Google's.

What does this have to do with Twitter and Facebook type apporaches? Nothing. The analogy of web 1.0 to the craftsman movement is interesting but ultimately non-informative. It's just an analogy and the consequences of their respective specific internal details for the two subject areas do not somehow parallel each other.

This is really a discussion about the difference between

  findable, referenceable, durable, cohesive and relevant [text + image + graphics + video}


  ephemeral [advertising copy + vacant images + video junk +infotainment]

Comment Me and some political prisoner in Iran (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Wow we're the two guys in the world who feel this way,. I knew there was someone else out there somewhere.

Most of javascript and the massive javascript libraries out there are trash which have the net effect of\ making the ability to write and maintain web pages less democratic. The whole idea that the web has to be some form of advanced TV, with infotainment graphics and video in little squares all over your page is completley mistaken.

You acquire knowledge through reading; through either written words or equations on the page. Knowledge acquistion for humans is inherently and forever a process of abstract symbol processing- we process speech and scratches on a page and transform it into understanding. That's as natural as breathing. Plain text is the once and a future king of the internet.

Sure, interactive infographics is a real step forward in faciliating the comprehension of complex data sets and interrelationships but those are few and far inbetween and most of the web is a designed for something else.

Suer somethings are better demonstrated than explained verbally. No one is arguing with that.

But the vision of the web as a general purpose computing platform hosted in the cloud which distributes it's "resuts" to limited capacity machines (that would be yours) which more or less passively consume the output is the TVization of the web.

It's what the media companies crave because it puts them back into the seat of power they've always held- power to decide what you see, what you're told, what you know; the power to turn you on and and turn you off using draconic and insane theories of "intellectual property" like software patents and copyright-forever and take-down notices - the whole SOPA and PIPA machinery of innovation control and democracy annihilation which is being about to be passed into law through the TPP passage.

Pages like Huffpo and Facebook it's ilk are unendurable, with video splattered everywhere, their incessant loading , reloading, sputtering and changing. But worse, on a deeper level, they're deliberately designed not to inform readers but to *develop detailed profiles of reader's specific interests which are then sold to marketers and employers*.

They do this by making the headline, the actual content and the link-paths to their stories micro-interest sieves. With each follow-me link, with each carefully worded headline, every news story is broken out along predefined personality/interest micro topics. By the time you've clicked down to the actual story you wanted to read, you've told huffpo and their "partners" an enormous amount yourself personally, your personal circumstances, your private interests, private concerns and life circumstances.

When read Huffpo you repeatedly engage in the above cycle and they in turn tweak and retweak their sieves to be finer and finer over time - this is an iterative game for them- so it reads you back, like a book.

It knows you're a 23 y/o white woman living in THAT house with 3 roomates who's had an abortion, makes 23k a year working as a temp and is currently looking for a partner with which she can surprise one day by intimating she's willing to explore 50 Shades of Gray type S&M and that you have 34k in student loan debt you worry a lot about.

It knows that and it shares that information to "its partners" which is to say anyone with enough money who wants it, who in turn sell that to your potential employers, that grant issuing institution you applied to, that political organization you're thining about joining, perhaps to see how far you can go.

It sells it to the gatekeepers of your life so that when you show up in your new business causual outift to interview, you might as well be butt fucking naked with what you thought was your most private and personal information neatly typed out in Courier 12 on bond paper instead of you education and qualifications.

And that's if your just Joesephine Average. If you're Josephine Someone, then you've effectively given your political and ideological enemies an intimate and detailed roadmap to how exactly to manipulate you, to play on your hopes and fears, who in terms of micro-interests, educational background, gender, height, looks hair and eye-color, SES background to put in front of you in order to convince you to take path X.

And just remember, this information isn't "out there" for everyone to read (the very, very false 'transparent society' claim) oh fuck no. It's a closely guarded secret, a trove of defacto intelligence which the targets, the plebes, will never gain access to. It's a unilateral power play used by what used to be called "the man" to control and channel not merely your opinions on issues or even voting but the entire arc of your life.

That's what Facebook Huffpo and the rest of the Big Internet Media is- Google, Slashdot and its corporate owners, allof them.

The web which was going to be the great democratization of information and power has been flipped by the government, by the ruling class as an instrument of inteligence gathering and population supression; in simplest form, it's been turned into an endeavor of *lists of people* creation machine.

And dont make the mistake of thinking it's a two way street, because this

is what Facebook does to websites who's political position might effect its bottom line.

Take it from the survivors of 1930s Germany- all fascism begins with lists.

Submission + - Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation gets paralyzed legs moving again->

schwit1 writes: Five men with complete motor paralysis have regained the ability to move their legs voluntarily and produce step-like movements after being treated with a non-invasive form of spinal cord stimulation. The new treatment builds on prior work to generate voluntary movements in paralyzed people through electrical stimulation â" in particular, two studies (one completed in 2011, the other in 2014) that involved surgically implanting an electrode array on the spinal cord. This time, however, the researchers found success without performing any invasive surgery.

The new treatment uses a technique called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which involves strategically placing electrodes on the skin of the lower back. While receiving stimulation, the men's legs were supported by braces that hung from the ceiling. At first their legs only moved involuntarily, if at all. But they soon found they could voluntarily extend the distance their legs moved during stimulation. They doubled their range of voluntary motion after four treatment sessions.

Link to Original Source

Comment AI robots ar not what you think (Score 1) 262

Ex-machina (so so movie) and all that are not what we have to worry about. Neither is the Terminator. What we have to worry about is crap like tiny drones made of synthetic biological parts which have been programmed to autonomously seek and destroy things based on their target's DNA.

Sure, its a robot but that's not a very rich description of the problem, is it? The level of AI portrayed in movies is a still a hundred years away or more. Long before we have Terminator or Matrix or ex-Machina type AI, we will have something like what I described.

The fact is non-human single purpose "intelligence" in an autonomous "creature" of some kind will happen first, and be more than deadly enough to destroy us. That's what we need to worry about that's what we need to start thinking about.

Comment Re: Encryption is not the big problem we face. (Score 1) 82

Yeah sure . Turing is famous for his Turing machine model of computing. He had a full and robust life outside of the ENIGMA part of his life. The idea he never existed is ludicrious.

You need to critically review your evidentiary threshold for believing unlikely things and you need to be more critical about sources.


Comment In a word: no, in the main. (Score 1) 492

If you read the TOS they explicitly say that *some parts* (undefined) of what you're calling "privacy invading" (and that's being nice) features cannot be turned off.

You can assume that MS will know and record more or less everything you do on your machine and on the internet.

My adivice: stock up on 7 before you can't get it anymore or see if Linux will serve your needs.

Comment Re:Encryption is not the big problem we face. (Score 1) 82

The point is, codes need to be cracked or otherwise secret communication compromised and we can now, unlike during WWII, create encryption which can't be cracked. That was the onluy point I was making. I am not supporting, as I said, backdooring encryption. So I am not sure what your point is.

Also Turing didn't crack enigma Poland did. That's potentially interesting. References please.

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