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Comment Re: Obvious idea (Score 1) 359

The idea is not to get more of the populace taking those - that would be insane - the idea is to medicate people who have an actual depression.

I take sertraline (just 25mg, that is half of the usual starting dosage) to medicate my double depression and so far it has been a great help. For the first time in two decades I feel even-tempered and more or less happy with my life. There are side effects, but it is absolutely worth it.

The SSRIs probably aren't the cause for shootings, the underlying depression, which apparently wasn't successfully treated is far more likely the cause.

Funny fact, I used to own firearms (for target shooting), but sold them years ago. Never had the urge to kill anybody but myself, though.

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 330

0.01%? Some quick searching tells me that it costs $225M for a Soyuz launch with a full crew. Are you saying it costs somewhere near $22.5k to fuel up a Soyuz rocket? That's half the cost of fueling up a private jet.

And that's a pretty good comparison to use. If space travel were as affordable as private jet flight, which is far closer to Star Trek than it is to today's reality, it would still be only an amusement for the hyper-rich, unaffordable to the vast majority of earth's populace.

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 330

There are only two developments that could lower the energy cost of a space launch significantly: 1: Practical fusion power, and 2: Breaking the laws of physics as we currently know them.

So for the foreseeable future, private space travel will never happen except as an amusement for the hyper-rich, due to the amount of energy required. See also: supersonic passenger flight.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 364

Ha, I've seen corporate efficiency. Spend every dollar so our budget doesn't get cut. Pad those expenses so we can get more money next year. New furniture with no employees to sit at it because we cut headcounts. Strategic decisions that force anyone who isn't brain dead to polish off their resume and change jobs, leaving only the cream of the crop (of dumbasses).

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

Well, you appear to have calmed down. Your response merited worse then simpleton.
Plenty of degree holding people stopped thinking years ago. I also have a degree.
The only one ignoring economics is you. You can't cheap your way out of stupidity, but educated people can work wonders.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

Yeah, you.
A glut of degrees is not responsible for company's demanding degrees. The general refusal of companies to invest in R&D or training, in lieu of stock buybacks or executive compensation is the driving factor there.. The high cost of education also has more to do with state's clawing back education dollars then anything students or universities are doing.

Your parents and grandparents, maybe you, received many more public dollars towards their education then today's students. There was a time when anyone with the desire to get a degree could count on federal loans and part time work to fulfill their dream. Barring excessive outside obligations, anyone had the opportunity. That time has passed. Now it's either crippling debt or family wealth that allows you to get an education. I

want to go back to a time where anyone who wanted to learn, had the opportunity. I want to live in a community full of educated people, not simpletons like yourself.

Comment Fuck the intelligence agencies, it is their fault (Score 2) 485

All of the terrorists involved were known. It was known that they have planned something and these bloody idiots still have failed to prevent the terrorist strikes. And now they blame it on Snowden of all people? Why don't they just do the job properly they are paid to do?

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