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Comment: Re:Looks like some editorializing by the submitter (Score 0) 89

by dunkelfalke (#47705459) Attached to: Blackberry Moves Non-Handset Divisions Into New Business Unit

Look, I had a HTC Universal which was released two bloody years before the iPhone. It was, of course, thicker, due to it having a pivot screen and a physical full QWERTY keyboard. Just without these the size would be the same. But that HTC phone had a somewhat larger display (and with higher resolution at that) and an interchangeable battery and a SD card slot.

iPhone was a downgrade to what was possible at the time.

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With fast networks it's even possible that the insurance companies could bid on outcomes as the accident was happening. Theoretically my insurer could throw my car into a ditch to avoid damage to a bmw coming the other way.

I might get to see the first car get diverted into a schoolbus to avoid a 50-million-dollar superduperhypercar. I'll have to dress for the occasion with my best fingerless gloves and head-worn goggles.

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