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Comment: Sensors & Home Automation (Score 5, Interesting) 346

by Vytalon (#28053791) Attached to: What to Do With a $99 Wall Wart Linux Server
I was thinking of using it for monitoring and control in a smart house type environment. I there are several company making USB sensor packages and relay controls. I found some with Linux support at You could have a full set of sensor in key room and relays to control lighting or fans.

+ - Robotic Cannon Looses Control, Kills 9, 14 Wounded 1

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TJ_Phazerhacki writes: "A new high tech weapon system demonstrated one of the prime concerns circling smarter and smarter methods of defense last week — an Oerlikon GDF-005 went wildly out of control during live fire test exercises in South Africa, killing 9. Scarily enough, this is far from the first instance of a smart weapon "turning" — the biggest concern seems to be finding the glitches in the system instead of reconsidering automated arms altogether. Sarah Connor, where are you?"

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