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Comment Re:New fullscreen application launcher! (Score 1) 43

"Proven" wrong in what sense? Do you have any hard data to back that up? Note that "hated" and "wrong" are not the same thing. People just hate change.

I'm convinced that the only reason fullscreen launchers on desktop are hated is because they're different. If Windows had a fullscreen start menu back in Win95, then everyone would have been bitching about Win8's tiny start menu that doesn't display enough applications at once, Win10 would have gone back to the fullscreen launcher by default, and KDE would only just now have a non-fullscreen application launcher.

For that matter, do you have an android phone handy? Pull up your applications menu. Oh, look! A fullscreen application launcher!

Comment Re:What are you talking about? (Score 1) 186

As the other poster said, I think that webpage isn't talking about what you think it's talking about. But if it's out of date, it's out of date in the other direction. There's some journals on that list that definitely don't have a publishing fee nowadays. I've never even heard of a publishing fee for a math journal.

Comment Re:What are you talking about? (Score 1) 186

I've never heard of someone having to pay for the privilege of letting a journal use your work for profit.

AFAIK there are no pure math journals that require a submission fee. Either universities have been sheltering me and paying these fees in secret (doubtful,) there just aren't any fees (less doubtful,) or I've never submitted to a journal prestigious enough to have a fee (pretty likely.)

Comment How lazy can journals get? (Score 5, Insightful) 186

Academics submit articles to journals for free. Other academics provide feedback and do quality control for the submitted articles, also for free. Yet more academics peer review the submitted articles, you guessed it, for free. Logistics are handled by a board of volunteer academics. I guess the journal staff... typeset the cover and table of contents, print the journal, and maintain the website? The typesetting is probably automated, actually.

Out of curiosity I checked the pricing on the Journal of Algebra, probably the most prestigious journal in my field. An individual subscription is $291. A 5-person e-journal subscription is $2,070.67. An institutional paper subscription is $5,314.

I guess they're too busy raking in money hand over first to bother trying to find independent reviewers.

Comment Re:What about touch interfaces? (Score 1) 435

I wouldn't call Windows 10 heavily touch-oriented. The touch stuff is there, but only in tablet mode. Otherwise, the whole interface, and that includes the "metro" apps, is closer to Win7 than Win8.

That said, with my touchscreen laptop, it is nice to jab my finger at onscreen buttons occasionally rather than drag the cursor all the way over there.

Comment Re:I don't get Nintendo. (Score 1) 152

Pretty much all that's holding them afloat is exclusivity for the NES era intellectual property

I dunno about that. It's still an older property at this point, but Nintendo is making plenty on Super Smash Bros. And while it's probably not churning out oodles of profit (yet,) Splatoon has a lot of promise as a brand spanking new IP.

Comment Bad summary and/or FUD (Score 3, Interesting) 371

Users who upgrade to 10 will have their default browser automatically changed to the new Edge browser

No they won't. It popped up a screen that asked me if I wanted to change my defaults for four common tasks to the new Win10 apps for those tasks. Photos, videos, music, and browser. I clicked no on each, and my old defaults carried over.

Comment Re:Could? (Score 1) 170

But the article is talking about Steam Machines, not the Steam Link. The Steam Link is basically a Chromecast for streaming games from a computer running Steam. A Steam Machine is a full on gaming PC/set top box that runs Steam by itself. I don't really understand why you'd by a Steam Machine for streaming from another PC instead of the cheaper Steam Link, but whatever.

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