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Comment NavCam animation 6 August (Score 5, Informative) 54 "This animation comprises 101 images acquired by the Navigation Camera on board ESA's Rosetta spacecraft as it approached comet 67P/C-G in August 2014. The first image was taken on 1 August at 11:07 UTC (12:07 CEST), at a distance of 832 km. The last image was taken 6 August at 06:07 UTC (08:07 CEST) at a distance of 110 km."

Comment Re:Software / Firmware (Score 2) 119

From the site: Update: June 7th, 2011 - Several important things to note, the BC-H series H.264 cards do not have at traditional firmware that is loaded. Everything is accessed directly from the driver / user space applications. Secondly, we report sales of each encoder to MPEGLA and pay any necessary patent fees for the sale of each encoder, meaning that any cards purchased from Bluecherry already have the patent protection from MPEGLA for the device level encoder.

Comment They flipped Finnish data upside down (Score 5, Insightful) 882

There was a documentary about climate change hoax on Finnish YLE channel (it's like BBC of Finland) couple of weeks ago. It basically told that the climate data collected from Finland was turned upside down so that it would show warming instead of cooling etc. People who understand Finnish can check it out from Youtube: People who don't understand Finnish can just check these few seconds where they show how they flipped Finnish data:

Comment Re:Cheapest (Score 1) 123

I have never had dropped frames with my box. It has 4GB of memory and I'm using XBMC Live installed on a flash card so there aren't any extra processes wasting CPU time. It would be nice to hear if those who are experiencing dropped frames are using stock Ubuntu installs or XBMC Live installs.

Comment Re:Cheapest (Score 5, Informative) 123

Anything with Nvidias ION board can handle high bitrate 1080p movies without dropped frames. Here is a link to the board I used for my XBMC

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