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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

Actually, the normalization of aristocratic behavior, piety toward superiors, and flowery bourgeois non-statements are a cultural disease of the English, and in this incarnation hasn't been around for longer than the Magna Carta in any case. Don't ascribe to merit what was quite well documented as being accomplished by mass murder, mass starvation and elite arrogance.

Comment They'll smother themselves in due course (Score 1) 188

No, it's saying that "these people don't want us to talk about them, so if you want us to talk about you, you'd better not either". Then again, why aren't they shunning Universal Pictures too for the good of the community?

Oh, of course, it's because they're Americans, and Americans have been programmed from birth to believe solidarity is cheating even while the rich collude right in front of their faces every day.

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