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Comment: You say "idiot tax", I say "trap" (Score 1) 247 247

Because the real idiot is the one who thinks that professional police exist to enforce the law fairly, whereas, in fact, they exist to reproduce a subordinate, beaten-down working class.

You know, the "idiots" that make your enchanted techno-life possible won't have to worry about you when you're riding a lamp post. You might want to think about that real hard before you open your arrogant fly-hole again, child. Americans have overstayed their welcome in the world and should all STFU.

Comment: Class interests (Score 1) 320 320

I know Americans' heads are so full of BS that they can't understand the roles surrounding the means of production, but there are definite class interests involved here. They're protecting the popular credibility of industrial medicine against competitors, and thus the value of their skills and their value to their corporate sponsors, against a world with new information.

You're competing for your imaginary friends with MY life. Is there any reason that you're not completely expendable as a matter of self-defense?

Comment: "Believes in the free market" (Score 1) 320 320

outs you all as a bunch of religious crackpots who are not one damn bit better than the GOP except in your own weakened Protestant minds. (Yes, we know where scientific spiritualists got all your copy from, and we'd be laughing our asses off at you if you weren't useful to the elites and therefore dangerous.)

If you think GMOs are so great, then I expect you'll announce your opposition to gene and plant patents so that the technology is not subordinate to the corporate structures that invent them. Otherwise, you're a shill for your class interests, thus every bit as insane and expendable as the GOP's followers.

Funny how "science" means whatever Monsanto wants it to mean this week, innit?

Comment: +1, Insightful (Score 1) 269 269

The act of deflection is on the part of those who are posting this ZOMG RUSSIA propaganda in the MSM. But without victim blaming, it is impossible to have American Exceptionalism, a not-too-distant offshoot of Protestantism, as the secular religion, so what then? I for one will happily pee on the grave of American Exceptionalism once it is buried.

"Experience has proved that some people indeed know everything." -- Russell Baker