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Comment Methodology for choosing languages? (Score 1) 189

From the article: "To lay the foundation for the research, the team first examined the volume of languages in the field, and found, unsurprisingly, that .Net, Java and ASP are the most widely used programming languages at 28.1%, 25% and 16% respectively. Legacy programming languages that have been around for decades, PHP (11%), ColdFusion (6%), and Perl (3%) rounded out the remaining field." How did they determine the languages? This certainly differs from TIOBE's methodology (based on Google searches). The "unsurprisingly" seems suspect as well; I feel some of the selections *are* somewhat surprising.

Comment Re:Ting (Score 1) 198

Ting's been fantastic. Haven't had any problems, service has been excellent thus far. My personal pros and cons: Cons: - No freebies. (Calling my wife does count as minutes - actually double since she's also on Ting and we get charged for each phone's usage.) - No data roaming. (We use WiFi anyway; generally a non-issue.) - Having to buy new phones. (We were using T-Mobile non-Android phones; they currently only support Sprint Android phones it seems.) Pros: - Far, far cheaper in general. (We pay less than half what we used to.) - Data plan not required; we both switched to wifi only the moment we got our phones and haven't paid a cent for data. (They forgive a megabyte or two in the first month for phone activation. - Excellent service. Billing and technical questions answered politely and promptly. - Usage alarms (and hard cut-offs) for people who don't want to exceed a certain threshold of minutes/messages/data per month. Seriously, it's the first time I've ever felt good about a cell carrier. They're worth looking into. Only regret I had was the T-Mobile termination fees we got dinged with (and missing Ting's promotion which would have paid them for us).

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